2010 Bantam Girls Fastpitch Provincial


2010 Softball NLĀ Pepsi Minor Bantam Girls Fastpitch Provincial Tournament
Dates: August 13th to 15th
Location: Huck Williams Field

Participating Teams
Bay Roberts, CBC, Goulds, Placentia #1, Placentia #2 and Waterford Valley (Host)

Division A
Bay Roberts
Placentia #2

Division B
Placentia #1
Waterford Valley (Host)

Tournament Schedule

Friday, August 13th, 2010
At Huck Williams Field
12-Noon Goulds vs. Waterford Valley (Host)
2:00pm Placentia #1 vs. Placentia #2
4:00pm CBC vs. Placentia #2
6:00pm Waterford Valley (Host) vs. Placentia #1

Saturday, August 14th, 2010
At Huck Williams Field
9:00am Waterford Valley (Host) vs. Bay Roberts
11:00am Goulds vs. CBC
1:00pm Bay Roberts vs. Placentia #2
3:00pm Goulds vs. Placentia #1
5:00pm Bay Roberts vs. CBC

Sunday, August 15th, 2010
At Huck Williams Field
9:00am Tie Breaker (If Necessary)
10:00am 1st in A vs. 2nd in B
12-Noon 1st in B vs. 2nd in A
2:30pm Championship Game