BUILDER CATEGORY (Chronological Order)


Vince became involved with Softball in St. John’s, Newfoundland in 1957 where he helped organize the St. John’s Senior League. He then played, umpired, served as Treasurer, Vice-President and President of the League and coached a Senior Team. Vince also found time to help the Metro Umpires Association and also served as its President.

Provincially, Vince was one of the co-founders of Softball Newfoundland, serving in various executive positions over a ten year period, and was appointed Newfoundland’s first Canadian Amateur Softball Association Commissioner in 1965.

In 1972, Vince was the first umpire from Newfoundland to Officiate at a Canadian Championship–the Senior Women’s at Toronto’s CNE.

During the period of 1978 to 1989, he has acted as General Chairman for 5 National Championships held in Newfoundland. 1987 saw Vince serve on Softball Canada’s Change Committee and also served as amember of the National Championship Committee.

During his involvement with Softball, he has received 17 Awards and Citations for Service to Softball.

On behalf of Softball Canada, we wouldlike to Congratulate you on your Induction into the Hall of Fame.


Over the past twenty-two years, Duey has been involved in Softball in Newfoundland as an Official, Coach and Administrator. During this period he has umpired over 1900 games; and for something to do in his spare time, he also coached the Women’s All-Star Team from Newfoundland in 1970 and 1972 at the Canadian Championships.

From 1969 to 1975 he served as Newfoundland’s Umpire-in-Chief and was instrumental in forming the St. John’s Umpires Association. As an administrator, Duey has servced in the following offices:

  • 1970-74: Clinic Chariman-Softball Newfoundland
  • 1977-78: President Softball Newfoundland
  • 1982: CASA Commissioner
  • 1987-90: President St. John’s Senior and Junior Men’s Softball League

Duey has also served on the organizing committees for seven National Championships held in Newfoundland. In recognition of his services to Softball, the following Awards were bestowed on him:

  • 1975: Elected to Softball Newfoundland’s Hall of Fame
  • 1978: Honorary Lifer Member of Softball Newfoundland
  • 1984: Elected to St. John’s Softball Hall of Fame
  • 1988: Honorary Life Member, Metro Softball Umpiress Assoication
  • 1988: Softball Newfoundland Male League Executive of the Year

Congratulations on your Induction into Softball Canada’s Hall of Fame.


Gus has been involved with Softball in Newfoundland as an Official and Executive for over 25-Years.

Gus has conducted rules clinics throughout the Province which have helped Local and Provincial Umpires become more proficient. These umpires are held in high regard all across Canada.

He has Officiated in 4 Canadian Championships, 100 Provincial Tournaments, 1000 games at both Adult and Minor Levels and has been a member of 7 Provincial Committees that have organized National and International Tournaments.

Gus served as President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Schedule Co-ordinator for the St. John’s Metro Umpires Association and has held the position of Provincial Umpire-in-Chief from 1975 to 1985, and 1991 to 1992. He also served as the Avalon Director from 1988 to 1992.

Some of his other accomplishments include:

  • 1975–Inducted into the Provincial Softball Hall of Fame
  • 1984–Executiove of the Year Softball Newfoundland and Labrador
  • 1989–Made Honorary Life Member of the St. John’s Metro Umpires Association
  • 1990–Inducted into the St. John’s Softball Hall of Fame
  • 1993–Member of the 1994 Women’s World Championships Organizing Committee

Softball Canada thanks you for your Dedication and Congratulates you on being Inducted into the Softball Canada Hall of Fame.


Dee MurphyDenis (Dee) Murphy is one of the founding fathers of Softball Canada.

In 1965, Dee represented Newfoundland at a founding meeting held in Winnipeg. Also attending were representatives from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Out of this meeting came the Canadian Amateur Softball Association. Dee was elected to one of the four vice-president’s positions. The first organization was made up of only five Provinces, but thanks to the efforts of Dee and his fellow executive members, the remaining five Provinces joined the Association in the next two years. The Territories would become members in 1970.

The first ten years of the C.A.S.A’s existence were the formative ones, and Dee served six terms as Vice-President during this period. During his tenure in office, Dee helped found and then edited the National Softball Newspaper Grand Slam. He also supervised five Canadian Championships and attended two International Softball Federation meetings on behalf of Canada. Dee was also a Softball Canada Commissioner in Newfoundland for an additional five years. In recognition of these contributions, Dee was voted an Honorary Life Membership in Softball Canada.

Dee Murphy’s contributions to Softball in Newfoundland and Labrador are most noteworthy. From 1963 to 1976 (excluding one year), he was President of Softball Newfoundland. During this period, softball registration grew ten fold and this was due in large pat to Dee’s commitment to founding Leagues and organizing tournaments all over the Province.

As a Coach, Dee led Newfoundland Teams to 11 Ladies Canadian Championships. Patti Polych and Mag Davis, two of his former players are in Softball Canada’s Hall of Fame.

Dee Murphy is a member of the Softball Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Hall of Fame and served three years on the National Advisory Council for Fitness and Amateur Sport.

Softball Canada Congratulates Dee Murphy on his Induction into the Hall of Fame.


Ivan-HapgoodIvan M. Hapgood was born on April 1st, 1957 in Tacks Beach, Newfoundland and is characterized as a great motivator, organizer and leader.

A coach, umpire and a volunteer, Ivan is a true Ambassador for the sport of softball. Although he is a certified level 3 umpire and a level 2 NCCP Coach and Course Conductor, Ivan is best renowned for his dedication as a volunteer.

As President for his local softball association Arnold’s Cove Softball Association for eight consecutive years, Ivan was elected to the Newfoundland Provincial Board of Directors in 1980 and was re-elected for 23 consecutive years in various capacities. In 1980, he was also named Regional Director, a title he kept until 1987 before becoming the Secretary Registrar. He was then elected as Vice President of Softball Newfoundland in 1989 and finally elected President of Softball Newfoundland in 1996 were he presided for three terms.

On the national level, Ivan’s contributions to the sport of softball have not gone unnoticed. Ivan was elected to the Softball Canada Board of Directors in 2001 and remained on the Board until 2005. He was a supervisor at the 2000 Junior Men’s Canadian Championships, the 2002 Men’s Canadian Slo-Pitch Championships as well as the 2003-2004 Senior Men’s Canadian Fast Pitch Championships. He served on eight National Host Committees as well as on two World Host Committees.

For his hard work and dedication, Ivan was twice named Softball Newfoundland’s Executive of the Year, was inducted into the Softball Newfoundland Hall of Fame and was made an Honorary Life Member of Softball Newfoundland in 2002.


Bill Barron (Builder, NL) was born on August 6th, 1940, and started his softball career in 1957. He was a player for 10 years, an umpire for 12 years and a coach for 6 years, while also juggling several administrative roles throughout a softball career that now spans over 50 years. He has been an official executive member of the very successful St. John’s Senior Softball League since its very beginning in 1957, having been instrumental in the long term success of one of Canada’s best Men’s Softball Leagues.

Bill’s commitment to the St. John’s Senior Softball League is unmatched, having played, coached and even umpired in the league, as well as being a knowledgeable colour commentator and statistician. He has devoted countless hours to recording softball history of both the St. John’s Senior and Intermediate leagues, including statistics for over 1,500 players who have played even a single inning in the league, as well as extensive details for other male and female players and teams in the province.

In addition to his involvement with the league, he has also served as a member of Softball Newfoundland and Labrador’s Board of Directors at various times totaling 11 years of involvement, and has also been a part of the vast majority of Canadian and Provincial Championships held in Newfoundland & Labrador to date. Bill is one of the major reasons for Newfoundland & Labrador’s success at the National Level, and his league has served as the development ground for many players who have gone on to represent Canada at the International Level.

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