Pee-Wee “B” Male Division (1978-1988, 1991-1993 & 1995-1999)

1978 Pasadena
1979 Labrador City
1980 Arnold’s Cove
1981 Conception Bay South
1982 Corner Brook
1983 Long Harbour
1984 Kilbride
1985 Waterford Valley
1986 Kilbride
1987 Kilbride
1988 Clarenville
1991 Clarenville
1992 Ferryland
1993 Shea Heights
1995 Portugal Cove/St. Phillips
1996 Shea Heights
1997 Shea Heights
1998 Conception Bay South
1999 Waterford Valley


Stephen Gillard, Peter Upshall, Rest of the Team Members Are Unavailable.

1979-Labrador City
Joey Fitzgerald, Paul O’Brien, Rest of the Team Members Are Unavailable.

1980-Arnold’s Cove
Carl Bolt, Rest of the Team Members Are Unavailable.

1981-Conception Bay South
Chris Baker, Joanne Mahoney, David Lundrigan, Dean Perry, Ed Wade, Dean Connors, Perry Nolan, Peter Duff, Rick Warford, Jeff Tilley, Mark Geehan, Keith Chafe, Scott Mercer, Chris Hickman, Terry Fowler-Coach and Arnold Kelly-Coach.

1982-Corner Brook

1983-Long Harbour
Mark Norman, Donnie Griffin, Darren Murphy, Mark Brothers , Tim Norman , Glen King, Keith Norman, Jerome Bruce, Jeff Burke, Cecil King , Merrill Norman , Donnie Murphy, Mike King, and Barry King, Manager Jim Griffiths, Coaches Mark Norman and Dermott King.

Thanks To Mark Norman For Providing The Names Of The Members Of The 1983 Long Harbour Team!


1985-Waterford Valley
Troy Healey, Johnny Kennedy, Neil Hunt, Craig Fisher, Scott Dawe, Todd Rollings, Dave Budden, Robbie Leaman, Dave Noftall, Eric Saint, Kevin Power, Stephen Power, John Kennedy-Manager, Shelby Miller-Coach and Gary Rodgers-Coach.



Jason Stone, Grant Vardy, Chad Forward, Sheldon Bailey, Jamie Pitcher, Jason Davis, Jamie Nicholson, Kurt Whelan, Peter Wilson, Chris Abbott, Trevor Langor, Terry Hunt, Jeff Briffett, Shawn Stringer, Sheldon Drodge, Mel Abbott-Manager, Bill Vardy-Coach and Ed Langor-Coach.

Stephen Denty, Danny Ivany, Shane Davis, Bradley Bailey, Stephen Gosse, Adam Jacobs, Matthew Blackmore, Andre Roil, Michael Moulton, Stephen Pretty, Grant Adams, Mark Matthews and Paul Monk-Coach.

Boyd Payne, Mike Kavanagh, Liam O’Keefe, Kris Kavanagh, Michael Maher, Scott Brophy, Karl Stoodley, Bradley Cose, Richard Moriarity, Cory Clowe, Alan Keough, Paul Mooney, Dean Clowe, Cyril O’Keefe-Manager, Bill Kavanagh-Coach and John Kavanagh-Coach.

1993-Shea Heights
Harold Druken, Chris Gulliver, Pat Yetman-Coach. Rest of the Team Members Are Unavailable.

1995-Portugal Cove/St. Phillips
David Kent, Chris Tucker, Rest of the Team Members Are Unavailable.

1996-Shea Heights
Raymond Warford, Mike Yetman, Steven Bragg, Barry Horlick, Sam Tulk, Troy Hannaford, Dale King, Tony Hayward, Jay Connolly, Paul Maher, Eric King, Billy Bragg, Doug King, Robert Knee, Billy Carew, Bill Bragg Sr.-Manager, Wayne King-Coach and Gerry King-Coach.

1997-Shea Heights
Doug King, Gary Hennessey, Eric King, Billy Bragg, Troy Hannaford, Wayne Devereaux, Paul Hammond, Christopher Hartery, Steven Yetman, Jeff Evely, Chris Hynes, Brian King, Gerry King Jr.-Coach and Pat Yetman-Coach.

1998-Conception Bay South
Matthew Morgan, Cyril Yetman, Josh Howard, Michael Quinlan, Mark Howard, Michael Gregory, Adam Murphy, Edward Yetman, Jason Searle, Jonathan Kane, Derek Ennis, Brad Delurey, Keith Clarke, Marc Andrews, Peter Smith, Jordan Howard, Dave Tilley-Coach and Paul Smith Jr.-Coach.

1999-Waterford Valley
Blair Trainor, Matt Jones, Chris Ryan, Shane Stacey, Chris Payne, Mark Carew, Jonathan Butler, Nick Clarke, JB Hynes, Jamie Mercer, Mark White, Michael Donovan, Gervase White-Coach, Charles Butler-Coach and Charlie Stacey-Coach.

If you were a member of any of the Championship Teams Listed above or know of someone who was a member of any of the Championship Teams Listed above and you are able to or they are able to provide a list of the names of the players that played on the Championship Teams please send an email to Bill Barron at the following email address:

Any assistance will the collection of information would be Greatly Appreciated!

Pee-Wee “B” Male Division (1978-1988, 1991-1993 & 1995-1999)


1978 Stephen Gillard (Pasadena) .600BA
1979 Joey Fitzgerald (Labrador City) .620BA
1980 Wayne Janes (Upper Island Cove) .666BA
1981 Unavailable
1982 Unavailable
1983 Monty Fudge (Brook Cove) .646BA
1984 Unavailable
1985 Adrian Power (Torbay) .533BA
1993 Mike Penney (Arnold’s Cove) .667BA

1978 Peter Upshall (Pasadena)
1979 Paul O’Brien (Labrador City)
1980 Carl Bolt (Arnold’s Cove)
1981 Mark Geehan (Conception Bay South)
1982 Unavailable
1983 Bill Berry (Stephenville)
1993 Harold Druken (Shea Heights)