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Squirt “A” (1991-2009, 2013-14)

Squirt “A” Female Slo-Pitch Provincials (1991-2009, 2013-2014)

Championship Team (Members)

1991-Waterford Valley
Nicole Murphy, Melissa Skanes, Lisa Browne, Christa Pearson, Jennifer Croft, Katherine Walsh, Sheryl Ryan, Ann Marie Martin, Kerry Vardy, Robyn Bursey, Angela Noonan, Leeann Piccott,-Coach, Judy Connors-Coach and Denise Walsh-Coach

1992-Waterford Valley
Helen Corbett, Dawn Corbett, Stephanie White, Anne Marie Martin, Marisa Porter, Jennifer Voisey, Michelle Evans, Elizabeth Thorne, Angela Noonan, Kristina Brooker and Leo Evans-Coach.

1993-Conception Bay Central

1994-Conception Bay Central

1995-Conception Bay Central

Suzanne Butler, Stephanie Collins, Amanda Hussey, Christina Kennedy, Kristen Petten, Ashley Taylor, Rose Marie Bishop, Sarah Greenslade, Krista Haggett, Amanda Kennedy, Candice Petten, Ashley Reid, Amanda McGrath, Amanda Hobbs and Stella Greenslade-Coach.


Samantha Barbour, Jessica Crocker, Leann Hawkins, Elizabeth Lee, Stephanie Sullivan, Christine Ward, Danielle Chafe, Melissa Gale, Stacey Keough, Anna Sullivan, Samantha Swain, Kerri-Lynn Ward, Dwight Crocker-Coach and Patrick Gale-Coach.

2001-Conception Bay Central
Janelle Picket, Stacey Noseworthy, Chantelle Phillips, Shannon Costello, Krista Jackman, Sandra Hawco, Megan Lewis, Maggie Doyle, Ashlee Leonard, Ashley Conway, Patti-Lynn Gushue, Dallas Costello, Maggie Cole, Victoria Bartlett, Alexandra Fewer, Ashley Kennedy and John Leonard-Coach.

2007-Conception Bay Central
Mary Kate Dawson, Abby Fleming, Victoria Healey, Emily Hynes, Janna Lewis, Kayla Lewis, Mary Niamh McGettigan, Renee Myers, Cathy O’Leary, Abby Waddleton, Maggie Woodford, Jean Corbett-Coach, Daphne Lewis-Coach and Vince Myers-Coach.

2009-Conception Bay Central
Mackenzie Hickey, Bethany Croke, Kaylee Rose, Kelsey McGrath, Oliva Corbett, Calista Corbett, Jennesa Murphy, Dominque Fewer, Kelsey Rose, Kelsey Larcey, Kaylee Holly, Maggie Barron, April Connors,-Coach, Bradey O’Leary-Coach and Derm Croke-Coach.

2013-Southern Shore
Brooke Walsh, Jennifer Bidgood, Jessica Morrissey, Brianna O’Driscoll, Hayley Goodridge, Jessica Walsh, Victoria O’Brien, Victoria Maloney, Laura Sullivan, Brianna Dalton, Aspell  Walsh, McKenna Walsh.


If you were a member of any of the Championship Teams Listed above or know of someone who was a member of any of the Championship Teams Listed above and you are able to or they are able to provide a list of the names of the players that played on the Championship Teams please send an email to Bill Barron at the following email address:

Any assistance will the collection of information would be Greatly Appreciated!

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