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Softball Newfoundland Labrador (Softball NL) is the provincial sport governing body for amateur softball.

Since being formed in 1963, Softball Newfoundland Labrador has made a significant contribution to provincial amateur sports. Its teams and players have excelled at the national and international level, and over the years the sport has enjoyed strong participation at all age levels and both genders.

Our goal is to promote and develop the sport for its athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers by providing programs and services at all levels of competition.

Softball NL Aims & Objectives

To improve and enhance the quality of life of young men and women in Newfoundland Labrador through the promotion of the sport of softball.

To promote sportsmanship and a spirit of fair play among individuals at all levels.

To foster the development of physical and mental skills to all those who participate in the game of softball.

To provide an opportunity for men and women and children from various parts of the province of Newfoundland Labrador and indeed all parts of Canada to come together in a spirit of friendship and competition.

To promote softball at the recreation and competitive levels according to the needs of the membership.

To provide a liaison between Softball Newfoundland Labrador and Softball Canada.

To provide leadership for and co-ordinate the development of Softball in Newfoundland Labrador.

To regulate and govern the sport of softball in the province of Newfoundland Labrador.