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Intermediate “A” (2005-Present)

Intermediate “A” Men’s Fastpitch Provincials (2005-Present)


2005-Baker Hughes (Record: 5-1)
Lee Cose, Boyd Payne, Steven Windsor, Scott Brophy, Bradley Maher, Wayne Furlong, Michael Maher, Paul Smith Jr., Liam O’Keefe, Colin Swain, Robin Clowe, Colin Croft, Andre Maher & Keith Coady-Player/Coach.

2006-CBC Junior Canadians (Record: 5-0)
Sean Cleary, Wayne Bruce, Justin Gill, Gary Bruce, Brad Ezekiel, Shane O’Brien, Andrew McCarthy, Stephen Strapp, Mark Lewis, Liam O’Keefe, Adam Lewis, Warren Connors, Scott Myers, Kyle Ezekiel, Jerry McCarthy, Ron Ezekiel-Coach & Jim Dunphy-Coach.

2007-CBC Junior Canadians (Record: 5-0)
Justin Gill, Stephen Strapp, Brad Ezekiel, Sean Cleary, Mark Lewis, Gary Bruce, Shane O’Brien, Adam Lewis, Wayne Bruce, Jerry McCarthy, Matthew Dalton, Chris Woodford, Tyrone Fewer, Andrew Wade, Rylee Costello, Ron Ezekiel-Coach & Jim Dunphy-Coach.

2008-CBC Junior Canadians (Record: 4-1)
Wayne Bruce, Tyrone Fewer, Justin Gill, Kyle Ezekiel, Shane O’Brien, Liam Myers, Adam Lewis, Andrew Wade, Andrew McCarthy, Scott Myers, Rylee Costello, Matthew Dalton, Chris Woodford, Stephen Strapp-Coach & Jim Dunphy-Coach.

2009-CBC Junior Canadians (Record: 5-1)
Wayne Bruce, Andrew McCarthy, Brad Ezekiel, Kyle Ezekiel, Mark Lewis, Shane O’Brien, Liam Myers, Tyrone Fewer, Andrew Wade, Scott Myers, Rylee Costello, Justin Gill, Blair Myers, Matthew Dalton, Jerry McCarthy, Jim Dunphy-Coach & Stephen Strapp-Coach.

2010-Goulds (Record: 5-1)
Ryan Boland, Shane Boland, Steven Brazil, Adam Doyle, Andrew Gale, Steve Hammond, Shane Kelly, Ryan Kirk, Alex Power, Mark Power, Derek Stone, Drew Sullivan, Colin Walsh, Jeff Kirk-Coach & Dave Boland-Coach.

2011-Goulds (Record: 5-0)
Shane Kelly, Colin Walsh, Shane Boland, Alex Power, Andrew Gale, Adam Doyle, Mark Power, Jason Gulliver, Jonathan Mootrey, Drew Sullivan, Joel Whelan & Dave Boland-Coach.

2012-Lafontaine Club Molson (Record: 4-0)
Paul Maher, Steven Pittman, Johnny O’Reilly, Jeremy O’Reilly, Matthew O’Reilly, Joey Evely, Troy Leonard, Trevor Hefferan, Eddie Hefferan, Billy Patterson & Jason Manning-Coach

2013-Goulds (Record: 5-0)
Colin Walsh, Daniel Dalton, Ryan Kirk, Drew Sullivan, Mark Power, Steven Joy, Adam Doyle, Jason Gulliver, Joel Whelan, Jonathan Mootrey, Geoff Stack, Mitch Stack, Simon Power & Coach Jeff Kirk.

2014-CBS Storm (Record: 5-1)
Mike Gregory, Travis Rideout, Tyler McDonald, Liam Myers, Andrew Wade, Evan Greene, Aaron Whelan, Chris Roche, Jordan Hatch, Lee Cose, Scott Myers, Zack Pomeroy, Mark Kavanagh, Paul Smith Jr., Kyle Abbott, Tony Meade, Coach-Paul Smith Sr. & Coach-Derek Mercer.

2015-CBC Junior Canadians (Record: 5-0)
Philip Corbett, Cody Furey, Riley Furey, Eric Healey, Shane Healey, DJ Lake, Brady Lewis, Patrick O’Leary, Jordan Penney, Brady Ryan, Gerald Wall, Ryan Wall, Jeremy Walsh, Andrew Wade-Coach.

2016-Bay Roberts Coors Light (Record: 4-1)
Robbie Brown, Justin Butler, Daniel Byrne, Jeff Conway, Rylee Costello, Johnny Doyle, Ward Gosse, Liam Hynes, Peter Kavanagh, Andrew McCarthy, Stephen Oates, Scott Strickland, Aaron Whelan, Gerald Gosse-Coach.

2017-Game On Gear (Record: 5-0)
Brad Budden, Shane Dobbin, Patrick Heffernan, Andrew Kelly, Nathan Kenny, Ryan Kenny, Mark King, Mike King, Jordan Noftall, Ryan Noftall, Brandon Pomroy, Tyler Wall, Stephen Dobbin-Player/Coach.

Intermediate “A” Men’s Fastpitch Provincials (2005-Present)


2005: Paul Maher (Placentia) 9-13 .692BA
2006: Matthew O’Reilly (Placentia) 6-10 .600BA
2007: Shane O’Brien (CBC Junior Canadians) 7-14 .500BA
2008: Wayne Bruce (CBC Junior Canadians) 8-13 .615BA
2009: Robbie McGrath (BK Services) 5-10 .500BA
2010: Paul Maher (Lafontaine Club Molson) 7-12 .583BA
2011: Aaron Janes (Coastal Outdoors) 4-8 .500BA
2012: Riley Kenny (CBC Junior Canadians) 6-8 .750BA
2013: Colin Walsh (Goulds) 9-18.500BA
2014: David Kennedy (MJR Masonry) 8-11 .727BA
2015: John Farrell (DWC Electrical) 9-19 .471BA
2016: Nick Pittman (Lafontaine Club Bud Light) 7-10 .700BA
2017: Jordan Noftall (Game On Gear) 9-17 .529BA

2005: Keith Coady (Baker Hughes)
2006: Sean Cleary (CBC Junior Canadians)
2007: Sean Cleary (CBC Junior Canadians)
2008: Wayne Bruce (CBC Junior Canadians)
2009: Brad Ezekiel (CBC Junior Canadians)
2010: Shane Boland (Goulds)
2011: Mark Power (Goulds)
2012: Johnny O’Reilly (Lafontaine Club Molson)
2013: Colin Walsh (Goulds)
2014: Liam Myers (CBS Storm)
2015: Gerald Wall (CBC Junior Canadians)
2016: Ward Gosse (Bay Roberts Coors Light)
2017: Jordan Noftall (Game On Gear)

2005: Doug Marshall (Placentia)
2007: Rod Cantwell (Torbay Tappers Ultramar)
2009: Mark Lewis (CBC Junior Canadians)
2010: Shawn Everson (BK Services)
2011: Liam Myers (CBC Junior Canadians)
2012: Michael O’Keefe (Bay Roberts Coors Light)
2013: Drew Sullivan (Goulds)
2014: Adam Doyle (Goulds)
2015: Bob Murphy (DWC Electrical)
2016: Aaron Whelan (Bay Roberts Coors Light)
2017: Andrew Kelly (Game On Gear)

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