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Pee-Wee “A” (1993-2001)

Pee-Wee “A” Female Slo-Pitch Provincials (1993-2001)

Championship Teams (Members)

Jill Tavenor, Heather Eddy, Trina Stone, Nancy Newman, Carolyn Adey, Rhiannon Bartlett, Karen Smith, Amanda Green, Karla Dymond, Lori Sweetland, Shelley Walters, Allissa Duffett, Jeanette Edge, Sherry Critch, Kerry Genge, Todd Cole-Coach and Keith Walters-Coach. 

1994-Conception Bay Central
Cathy Woodford, Melissa Seaward, Robyn Wade, Rhonda Costigan, Joanne Roach, Amanda Coombs, Jennifer Dalton, Kim Conway, Amy Furey, Eileen Wade, Kristen Meaney, Cathy Walsh and D Wade-Coach.

1995-Waterford Valley
Karen Murphy, Teri-Lynn  Bailey, Karen Power, Nancy Kelly, Mary Beth Bursey, Bobby Sue Hurley, Kelly Smith, Megan Carew, Karen Whitten, Diana Noseworthy, Allison Sturge, Carolyn Reddy, Lorne Warren-Coach and Brenda Kelly-Coach.

1996-Waterford Valley
Kelly Smith, Karen Power, Karen Whittle, Karen Murphy, Bobby Sue Hurley, Carolyn Reddy, Jennifer O’Keefe, Megan Carew, Kelly Warren, Danielle Foley, Theresa Butler, Stephanie White, Jan Rossiter, Elizabeth Thorne, Lorne Warren-Coach and Joe Smith-Coach. 

1997-Conception Bay Central
Kate Healey, Nicole Kennedy, Tiffany Ezekiel, Stacy Hepditch, Allison Conway, Maggie Walsh, Holly Healey, Jade Doyle, Nicole Wade, Danielle Dunphy, Stephanie Quinlan, Karen Lewis, Natalie Leonard, Devon Conway and Brenda Walsh-Coach.

1998-Conception Bay Central
Bobby Joe Bartlett, Devon Conway, Jade Doyle, Holly Healey, Nicole Kennedy, Nicole Wade, Kelly Walsh, Allison Conway, Sherry Costello, Danielle Dunphy, Kate Healey, Stephanie Quinlan, Maggie Walsh and Brian Dunphy-Coach.

Stephanie Collins, Sarah Greenslade, Candice Petten, Suzanne Butler, Krista Haggett, Jessica Young, Christine Kennedy, Kerry Haggett, Alicia Porter, Rayna  Pottle, Ashley Reid, Amanda Hussey, Diana Noseworthy-Coach and Crystal Petten-Coach.

Melanie Batten, Suzanne Butler, Stephanie Collins, Tonya Goodland, Sarah Greenslade, Krista Haggett, Candice Petten, Jessica Young, Katie Butt, Melissa Batten, Rose Marie Bishop, Amanda Hobbs, Stacey Fagan and Michelle Rideout.

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