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Junior “A” (1967-1985)

Junior “A” Ladies Fastpitch Provincials (1967-1985)

1967 St. John’s
1969 St. John’s
1970 Kilbride
1974 Placentia
1975 Placentia
1976 Placentia
1977 Outer Cove
1978 Dunville
1979 St. John’s
1980 St. John’s
1981 St. John’s
1982 St. John’s
1983 St. John’s
1984 Lawlors
1985 St. John’s


1967-St. John’s
Mary Lake, Denise Martin, Lorna Gosse, Linda Lamberts, Annette Rossiter, Ruby Amminson, Barb Lambe, Peggy Baker, Marje Keough, Carmel Walsh, Agnes Gentry, Peggy Malone, Terry Bailey, Sandra Pearcey, Helen Martin, Barb Coombs, Randy Williams-Coach and Bill Abbott-Coach.

1969-St. John’s
Kathy Mews, Judy Eddy, Shirley Mercer, Tammy White, Carol Coady, Brenda Husk, Karen O’Grady, Janet Cox, Janet Noel, Bobby Dwyer, Linda Joyce, Carol Smith, Myrna Smith, Carol Horwood, Merida Munn-Coach and Gail Moore-Coach.

Patricia Walsh, Brenda Williams, Marilyn Cleary, Gail Aylward, Linda Stanley, Leona Crane, Judy Murphy, Cathy Kennedy, Marlene Crane, Joan Murphy, Rose Ann Kennedy, Cass White, Gerard Whelan-Coach and Harvey Reynolds-Coach.

Debbie Mills, Donna Bruce, Colleen Hogan, Rest of the Team Members Are Not Available.

Debbie Mills, Rose Foley, Becky Murray, Colleen Hogan, Rest of the Team Members Are Not Available.

Colleen Hogan, Rose Foley, Debbie Mills,  Rest of the Team Members Are Not Available.

1977-Outer Cove
Heather Munn, Marlene Kavanagh, Betty Devereaux, Jenny Devereaux, Cathy Rose, Rhonda Walsh, Brenda Dowden, Ann Marie Greene, Debby Power, Angela Boland, Dawn Stack, Frances Kinsella, Roma Walsh, Sharon Power-Manager, Ron Cadigan-Coach and Gerry Walsh-Coach.

Marg Hickey, Colleen Hogan, Judy Pomroy, Juanita O’Reilly, Rose Edmunds, Rose Doody, Debbie Mills, Peggy Barron, Cathy Power, Carmel Pittman, Lucille Beresford, Mel Spurvey, Jean Brown, Brenda Beresford, Brenda Wakeham, Lynn Hogan-Manager and Rick Foley-Coach.

1979-St. John’s
Val Abbott, Brenda Foley, Cindy Kennedy, Leanne Oake, Caroline Baird, Rhoda Vinnicombe, Cathy O’Keefe, Gail Noel, Vickie Walsh, Debby Picco, Sue Stevenson, Darlene Pinsent, Grace Connors, Marg Vinnicombe, Charlie Norris-Coach and Harry Power-Coach.

1980-St. John’s
Sherry Morrissey, Clara Quinlan, Brenda Clarke, Bev Newhook, Sue Gulliver, Roma Walsh, Bev Collins, Jenny Devereaux, Sharon Kane, Ann Marie O’Neill, Gwen Duggan, Angela Boland, Barb Redmond, Rose Foley, Rhonda Walsh, Debby Power, Frances Kinsella, Bette Murphy-Manager and Dee Murphy-Coach.

1981-St. John’s
Debby Power, Sue Peckham, Rhonda Walsh, Gwen Duggan, Sherry Morrissey, Gerri Casey, Bev Newhook, Ann Marie O’Neill, Brenda Clarke, Barb Redmond, Sonja Stone, Lucy Baird, Clara Quinlan, Colleen Tapper-Manager and Ralph Tapper-Coach.

1982-St. John’s
Rhoda Carew, Clara Quinlan, Angela Boland, Jackie Atkinson, Sherry Morrissey, Rhonda Walsh, Karen Dunn, Brenda Clarke, Barb Redmond, Joy Clarke, Sue Gulliver, Linda Randell, Gwen Duggan-Manager and Ralph Tapper-Coach.

1983-St. John’s
Lucy Baird, Karen Dunn, Joy Clarke, Ann Marie O’Neill, Rhonda Power, Gloria Power, Sue Gulliver, Sherry Morrissey, Claudette Hoyles, Roxanne Snow and Ralph Tapper-Coach.

Leona Mitchell, Connie Fleming, Karen Dicks, Lorraine Hickey, Diane Dyer, Ann Manning, Sherry Turnbull, Carolyn McCormack, Ann Marie Hickey, Bernie Martin, Madonna Gosse, Charlene Sullivan, Brenda Clarke-Coach and Bernie Barron-Coach.

1985-St. John’s
Janice M. Power, Kris Hamlyn, Leona Mitchell, Joy Clarke, Sue Gagne, Janet Power, Wanda Richards, Claudette Hoyles, Jackie Atkinson, Sherry Turnbull, Diane Dyer, Theresa Heffernan, Edna Rogers, Rhonda Power-Coach and Bernie Barron-Coach.

Junior “A” Ladies Fastpitch Provincials (1967-1985)


1967 Agnes Gentry (St. John’s) .786BA
1970 Brenda Williams (Kilbride) .625BA
1974 Lynn Mullins (St. John’s) .600BA
1975 Becky Murray (Placentia) .458BA
1976 Colleen Hogan (Placentia) .857BA
1977 Diane Granter (Grand Falls) .500BA
1978 Colleen Hogan (Dunville) .500BA
1979 Val Abbott (St. John’s) .550BA
1980 Clara Quinlan (St. John’s) .714BA
1981 Debby Power (St. John’s) .571BA
1982 Clara Quinlan (St. John’s) .700BA
1983 Karen Dunn (St. John’s) .550BA
1984 Bonnie Cooney (Pepsi) .692BA
1985 Kim Hynes (Grand Falls) .600BA

1967 Peggy Doyle (Conception Bay Central)
1969 Carol Smith (St. John’s)
1969 Brenda Woodford (Conception Bay Central)
1969 Patricia Walsh (Kilbride)
1970 Patricia Walsh (Kilbride)
1974 Debbie Mills (Placentia)
1975 Debbie Mills (Placentia)
1976 Elaine Dawe (Conception Bay South)
1977 Diane Granter (Grand Falls)
1978 Rhonda Walsh (Outer Cove)
1979 Val Abbott (St. John’s)
1980 Sherry Morrissey (St. John’s)
1981 Debby Power (St. John’s)
1982 Rhoda Carew (St. John’s)
1983 Lucy Baird (St. John’s)
1985 Edna Rogers (Sportscraft)
1985 Janice Power (St. John’s)

1970 Marcella McCarthy (Conception Bay Central)
1974 Ann Walsh (Conception Bay Central)
1975 Isabel Duffey (Stephenville)
1976 Rose Foley (Placentia)
1980 Sandra Thomas (Grand Falls)
1981 Bev Andrews (Grand Falls)
1982 Angela Boland (St. John’s)
1983 Connie Fleming (St. John’s Intermediate)
1984 Katrina Flynn (Mary Brown’s)
1985 Dianne Pittman (Grand Falls)

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