2023 WBSC U23 Men’s Softball World Cup

Dates: April 15-23
Venues: Estadio Nafaldo Cargnel & El Plumazo
Location: Parana, Argentina

Day 5 Results: Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Game #5: Israel 0 vs. Canada 7 (5-Innings)

Canada Blanked Israel 7-0 To Improve To 3-2 After Day 5

Canada Finished Opening Round With 3-2 Record

Jordan Hudson (5IP, 0R, 0ER, 2H, 1BB, 6K) Pitched The Win

Brant Wiebe (1-1, Double, 1BB, 1RBI)

Thomas Baker (1-2, 1R, Double, 1SAC, 1RBI) And Mason McKay (1-2, 1R, Triple, 1HBP, 1RBI)

James Shirley (1-3, 1R, Triple, 1RBI), Dallas Kipfer (1-3, 1RBI) And Isaac Lefebvre (1-3, 1R)

Canada Pitching Stats:
WP: Jordan Hudson 1-1, 5IP, 0R, 0ER, 2H, 1BB, 6K

Canada Top Batters:
Brant Wiebe 1-1, Double, 1BB, 1RBI
Thomas Baker 1-2, 1R, Double, 1SAC, 1RBI
Mason McKay 1-2, 1R, Triple, 1HBP, 1RBI
James Shirley 1-3, 1R, Triple, 1RBI
Dallas Kipfer 1-3, 1RBI
Isaac Lefebvre 1-3, 1R

Canada RUNS:
4R 1st: Isaac Lefebvre led-off the inning with a single to centerfield, James Shirley tripled to right-field to score Lefebvre, Jordan Pomeroy reached on an error and Shirley scored on the play and Pomeroy advanced to third base on the error, With 1-Out: Mark Stack was Hit-By-Pitch, Thomas Baker hit a SAC Fly to centerfield to score Pomeroy and With 2-Out: Mason McKay tripled to left-field to score Stack.

1R 4th: Mason McKay was Hit-By-Pitch to start the inning and With 1-Out: Dallas Kipfer doubled to centerfield to score Mason McKay.

2R 5th: With 2-Out: Mitch McKay walked, Thomas Baker doubled to left-field and Mitch McKay advanced to third base on the play, Mason McKay reached on an error and Mitch McKay scored on the error and Dallas Kipfer singled to centerfield to score Baker to end the game.


Newfoundlanders Stats In Game #5
CF Jordan Pomeroy 0-1, 1R
3B Mark Stack 0-0, 1R, 1HBP


Group B Standings (After Day 5)
Group B Opening Round (Final Standings)
1. Japan 5-0
2. Canada 3-2
3. New Zealand 3-2
4. Venezuela 3-2
5. Israel 1-4
6. Team WBSC 0-5

Japan (5-0) Finished 1st Place and advance undefeated to the Super Round.

There was a three way tie for 2nd Place between Canada (3-2), New Zealand (3-2) and Venezuela (3-2) and after the tie-breaker rule was applied Canada secured 2nd Place and New Zealand secured 3rd Place to advance to the Super Round, while Venezuela finished 4th Place and will play the Placement Round.

Japan will take a 2-0 Record into the Super Round, Canada will take a 1-1 Record into the Super Round and New Zealand will take a 0-2 Record into the Super Round.


Next Action:

Day 6 Schedule: Thursday, April 20, 2023
Super Round Game #1: 8:30pm ART (9:00pm NL) vs. Argentina