Senior “C” Men’s Slo-Pitch Provincials (1985-1994)

Championship Teams (Members)

Guy Perry, Verie Windsor, Jim Hounsell, Jerry Gill, Kirk Hounsell, Perry House, Paul House, Vaughan Granter, John Kelloway, Glenn Mullett, Gerald Stokes, Brad Stokes, Charlie Brown, Dwayne Humphries, Melvin Knee, Levi Davis, Kevin Howell.

1986-Old Comrades

George Hatfield, Rest Of The Team Members Unavailable.

1988-Conception Bay South
Brett Dawe, Rest Of The Team Members Unavailable.

Wayne Stacey, Edgar Moulton, Bill Brake, Gus Lane, Terry Brennan, Dwayne Kenway, Glen Squires, Jimmy Brennan, Rob Hanrahan, Fab Mitchell, Pat Bonnell, Leo Brake, Cecil O’Keefe, Keith Keating, Dave Smith-Coach.

1990-Point May
Danny Slaney, Rick Stacey, Peter Boland, Julian Hewett, Dave Stacey, Darrell Ciza, Jeffery Stacey, Patrick Fleming, Eric Ayers, Bill Stacey, Jerry Strickland, Dwayne  Slaney, Angus Boland, Barry Stacey, Isaac Wells, Brian Stacey.

1991-Conception Bay South
Chris Noftall, Rod Petten, Paul Lahey, Kevin Kelly, Bill Noseworthy, Barry Warford, Dave Corbett, Gerald Tilley, Ron Bussey, Terry Bussey,  Dave Batten, Randy Pottle, Chris Day, Blair Boone, Fred Porter, Bob Noftall-Coach.

1992-Lewins Cove
Sandy Moulton, Dwayne Hoben, Joe Keane, Randy Moulton, Wade Parsons, Todd Robbins, Barry Moulton, Chris Coombs, Barry Hoben, Eugene Wiscombe, Allan Dodge, Gus Coombs, Todd Smith, Cecil Appleby, Chris Kenney, Kevin Wiscombe, Marcus Legge, Roger Marshall-Coach, Randy Marshall-Coach.

Dwayne Caines, Darren Barnes, Darrell Parsons, Alex Barnes, Bill Simms, Brent Forsey, Roy Cole, Craig Marshall, Rod Dominic, Derrick Parsons, Gabe Parsons, Peter Fiander-Coach.

1994-Hearts Delight
Shawn Reid, Paul Reid, Jonathan Reid, Paul Bartlett, Todd Sooley, Johnny Turner, Craig Sheppard, Francis Power, Terry Sooley, Kurt Vivian, Mark Reid, Jimmy Worthman, Donald Turner, Danny Turner, Ray Worthman-Coach, Lloyd Bishop-Coach.

Senior “C” Men’s Slo-Pitch Provincials (1985-1994)


1985 Terry Mosher (Topsail) .727BA
1986 Rick Gibbons (St. Vincents) .714BA
1987 Edgar Moulton (Marystown) .625BA
1988 Chris Deats (Argentia) .636BA
1989 Wayne Stacey (Marystown) .700BA
1990 Eugene Wiscombe (Lewins Cove) .824BA
1991 Chris Druken (Paradise) .667BA
1992 Eugene Wiscombe (Lewins Cove) 1.000BA
1993 Dwayne Parsons (Fortune) .555BA
1993 Paul Snelgrove (Goose Bay) .555BA
1994 Terry Sooley (Hearts Delight) .775BA

1985 Verie Windsor (Wesleyville)
1986 Wade Hynes (St. Bernards)
1987 George Hatfield (Placentia)
1988 Brett Dawe (Conception Bay South)
1989 Gus Lane (Marystown)
1990 Darrell Cuza (Point May)
1991 Blair Boone (Conception Bay South)
1992 Sandy Moulton (Lewins Cove)
1993 Dwayne Caines (Fortune)
1994 Paul Reid (Hearts Delight)

1985 Clyde Bonnell (Marystown)
1986 Ron Dillon (St. Vincents)
1987 Paul Jeon (Straight Shore)
1988 Joe Bonnell (Marystown)
1989 Eddie Spurrell (Harbour Grace)
1990 Wally Anderson (Goose Bay)
1991 Don Byrne (Paradise)
1992 Wally Anderson (Goose Bay)
1993 Paul Snelgrove (Goose Bay)
1994 Jason Langer (Winterton)