U10 Mite Ballistic Tournaments

This Section of the Softball NL website contains the History of the Softball NL U10 Mite Ballistic Tournaments!

The U10 Mite Ballistic Tournaments were introduced in 2012 by Sherry Maher (Softball NL Minor Director 2008-2014).

These two tournaments are considered Non-Championship Tournaments and put more emphasis on Participation then Competition.

The Unofficial Motto since 2012 has been Play Hard & Have Fun!

The U10 Mite Ballistic “Grand Slam” Tournament started with 7 teams in 2012, had 17 teams in 2013 and 2014, increased to 21 teams in 2015, increased to 23 teams in 2016 and had 21 teams in 2017.

The U10 Mite Ballistic “FUNtastic” Tournament started with 6 teams in 2012, increased to 13 teams in 2013, increased to 16 teams in 2014, increased to 19 teams in 2015, had 13 teams in 2016 and increased to 24 teams in 2017!

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