Molson Coors Softball NL
2023 Intermediate U23 Men’s Fastpitch Provincial

Dates: July 21-23
Location: Lions Park

Participating Teams
Carbonear Advance Auto (CAA)
CBC Canadians (CBC)
CBS Storm (CBSS)
Placentia (P)

Tournament Schedule

Day 1 Results: Friday, July 21, 2023

Game #1: CBC Canadians 7 vs. Carbonear Advance Auto 1

Mitchel Whelan Pitched Win And Went 3-4, 2R, Solo HR, 2RBI

CBC Canadians Defeated Carbonear Advance Auto 7-1

CBC Canadians Pitching Stats:
WP: Mitchel Whelan 7IP, 1R, 5H, 2BB, 14K

CBC Canadians Top Batters:
Mitchel Whelan 3-4, 2R, Solo Home Run, 2RBI
Mark Corbett 2-4, 2R, Double, 1SB
Jacob Gushue 2-4, 2R, Double
Ethan Murphy 1-4, Double, 2RBI
Patrick Costigan 1-4

Carbonear Advance Auto Pitching Stats:
LP: Jacob Kippenhuck 7IP, 7R, 9H, 5BB, 9K

Carbonear Advance Auto Top Batters:
Reid Deering 2-3, 1SB, 1RBI
Josh Kennedy 2-3, 1R, Double
Jacob Kennedy 1-3

Game Started: 6:06pm
Game Ended: 8:11pm
Game Length: 2-Hours, 05-Minutes
Umpires: Bob Walsh (Plate) & Paul Kennedy (Bases)


Game #2: Placentia 14 vs. CBS Storm 1 (4-Innings)

Marcus Pittman Pitched Win And Went 3-3, 2R, Double, SAC, 3RBI

Placentia Defeated CBS Storm 14-1 In 4-Innings

Placentia Pitching Stats:
WP: Marcus Pittman 4IP, 1R, 4H, 1HBP, 1BB, 8K

Placentia Top Batters:
Marcus Pittman 3-3, 2R, Double, 1SAC, 2RBI
Noah Carew 3-3, 1R
Liam Shea 3-4, 2R, Triple, 2RBI
Jesse Whalen 2-3, 2R, 4RBI
John Webber 2-4, 1R, Double, 2RBI
Blake O’Keefe 2-4, 1R, 1RBI
Gavin Hapgood 1-1, 1R, 1RBI
Rylan O’Keefe 1-2, 1HBP, 1RBI
Brady Judge 1-4, 2R, 1SB

CBS Storm Pitching Stats:
LP: Logan Power (Starter) 2.1IP, 6R, 7H, 0BB, 2K
Linden Power (In Relief) 1.2IP, 8R, 11H, 2BB, 0K

CBS Storm Top Batters:
Jacob Stack 1-1, 1RBI
Luke Strickland 1-2, 1R
Linden Power 1-2
Logan Power 1-2

Game Started: 8:31pm
Game Ended: 10:06pm
Game Length: 1-Hour, 35-Minutes
Umpires: Paul Kennedy (Plate) & Bob Walsh (Bases)


Standings After Day 1
CBC Canadians 1-0
Placentia 1-0
Carbonear Advance Auto 0-1
CBS Storm 0-1


Day 2 Schedule: Saturday, July 22, 2023

Game #3: 10:00am Carbonear Advance Auto vs. Placentia
Game #4: 12-noon CBS Storm vs. CBC Canadians
Game #5: 2:00pm CBS Storm vs. Carbonear Advance Auto
Game #6: 4:00pm Placentia vs. CBC Canadians