Canadian Senior Ladies Championships

1971-Provincial All-Stars
Marilyn Beatty, Helen O’Leary, Gaye Squires, Betty Healey, Mary Bennett, Liz Russell, Peggy Baker, Terry Bailey, Paula Lake, Mary Wakeham, Bev Crummell, Mary Oakley, Marje Keough, Annette Rossiter, Kathy Jackman, Elaine Howell, Linda Dodd, Bette Murphy-Manager and Duey Fitzgerald-Coach.

1972-Provincial All-Stars
Mary Oakley, Kathy Jackman, Liz Russell, Peggy Baker, Terry Bailey, Pam Yetman, Mary Wakeham, Judy Baker, Annette Rossiter, Marje Keough, Helen O’Leary, Sherry Quinn, Pauline Staples, Gert Delaney, Kitty Barker, Bette Murphy-Manager and Duey Fitzgerald-Coach.

1973-Provincial All-Stars
Estelle Hynes, Marjorie Madore, Mary Oakley, Carol Moores, Maureen Scurry, Karen Mitchell, Gert Delaney, Betty Healey, Patty Groves, Sandra Hynes, Kitty Barker, Pauline Staples, Angie Dorrington, Lynn Gilles, Marg Wannamaker, Marilyn Maloney, Ruby Hann-Manager and Fred Basha-Coach.

1974-Provincial All-Stars
Cathy Mercer, Annette Rossiter, Marg Davis, Nancy Dawe, Sandy Adams, Carol Moores, Shirley Mercer, Kathy Jackman, Celie Giovannini, Helen O’Leary, Patty Polych, Bev Brothers, Cindy lane, Bev McIssac, Shelia Fever, Bette Murphy-Manager and Mac Winters-Coach.

1975-Provincial All-Stars
Marje Keough, Sandy Adams, Marg Davis, Celie Giovannini, Mary Wakeham, Mary Oakley, Annette Rossiter, Carol Moores, Shirley Mercer, Lynn Vatcher, Bev McIssac, Kitty Barker, Sandy Hynes, Shirley Kirkland, Elaine Bradbury, Gert Delaney, Bette Murphy-Player/Manager and Mac Winters-Coach.

1976-Provincial All-Stars
Shirley Mercer, Mary Oakley, Cathy Mercer, Marg Davis, Helen O’Leary, Annette Rossiter, Marion Farrell, Celie Giovannini, Jane Wegenast, Marje Keough, Kitty Barker, Judy Baker, Nancy Dawe, Sandy Hynes, Gert Delaney-Manager and Bill Abbott-Coach.

1977-Provincial All-Stars
Helen O’Leary, Mary Oakley, Debby Power, Gaye Squires, Kitty Barker, Marlene Kavanagh, Cindy Lane, Sandy Hynes, Marg Davis, Anita Kelly, Gert Delaney, Bette Murphy and Dee Murphy-Coach.

1978-Black Horse
Mary Taylor, Colleen Tapper, Annette Rossiter, Gaye Squires, Michelle Doyle, Marg Davis, Colleen Morrissey, Sue Peckham, Patty Polych, Sandy Adams, Sharon Kane, Lynette Wall, Dianne Granter, Janice R Power, Glenys Thorne, Denise Leonard, Jackie Leonard, Judy Myler-Trainer, Bette Murphy-Manager and Dee Murphy-Coach.

1979-Black Horse
Marg Davis, Patty Polych,, Sue Peckham, Debby Power, Mary Ann Pomroy, Janice R Power,  Annette Rossiter, Marje Keough, Karen Baggs, Pam Babstock, Colleen Tapper, Sandy Adams, Michelle Doyle, Jane Wegenast, Bette Murphy, Lorraine Power-Trainer and Dee Murphy-Coach.

Sandy Adams, Pam Babstock, Karen Baggs, Marg Davis, Marje Keough, Patty Polych, Annette Rossiter, Colleen Tapper, Mary Taylor, Cathy Browne, Cindy Kennedy, Linda Randell, Joanne Simms, Colleen Morrissey, Tammy White, Bernie Barron, Janice R Power, Bette Murphy-Manager and Dee Murphy-Coach.

Karen Baggs, Bernie Barron, Cathy Browne, Marg Davis, Colleen Morrissey, Mary Oakley, Lucette Patry, Janice R Power, Annette Rossiter, Joanne Simms, Colleen Tapper, Sonja Stone, Lucy Baird, Linda Randell, Joan Buck, Sandra Gilles, Sandy Adams and Mary Taylor-Coach.

1982-Labatt St. John’s All-Stars
Bernie Barron, Lucy Baird, Marg Davis, Colleen Morrissey, Marje Keough, Colleen Tapper, Lucette Patry, Shirley Mercer, Gwen Duggan, Mary Oakley, Debby Power, Sue Peckham, Janice R Power, Tammy White, Sharon Kane, Mary Taylor, Rose Foley, Becky Pendergast, Colleen Hogan, Bette Murphy-Manager and Dee Murphy-Coach.

1983-Labatt St. John’s All-Stars
Colleen Morrissey, Rose Foley, Marg Davis, Joanne Simms, Tammy White, Rose Hatfield, Debby Power, Colleen Tapper, Barb Redmond, Sue Peckham, Sandy Adams, Bette Murphy-Manager and Dee Murphy-Coach.

1984-St. John’s All-Stars
Sue Peckham, Barb Redmond, Marg Davis, Debby Power, Rose Hatfield, Tammy White,  Joanne Simms, Colleen Morrissey, Colleen Tapper, Rose Foley, Donna McMahon, Val Abbott, Colleen Hogan, Bette Murphy-Manager and Dee Murphy-Coach.

1985-St. John’s All-Stars
Sherry Morrissey, Joanne Simms, Rhonda Power, Colleen Morrissey, Janice R Power, Sharon Kane, Tammy White, Joan Mercer, Marg Davis, Sue Peckham, Debby Power, Rose Foley, Val Abbott, Donna McMahon, Colleen Tapper, Becky Pendergast, Sonja Drodge and Ralph Tapper-Coach

1986-St. John’s All-Stars
Diane Dyer, Linda Randell, Joanne Simms, Val Abbott, Connie Fleming, Colleen Tapper, Shirley Mercer, Sherry Morrissey, Debby Power, Marg Davis, Tammy White, Janice R Power, Colleen Morrissey, Sandy Adams-Manager and Bill Abbott-Coach.

1987-St. John’s All-Stars
Colleen Morrissey, Janet Power, Tammy White, Debby Power, Marg Davis, Bonnie Cooney, Joanne Simms, Connie Fleming, Sue Flynn, Janice R Power, Shirley Mercer, Val Abbott, Sherry Morrissey, Sonja Drodge, Linda Randell, Janice M Power, Colleen Tapper, Bette Murphy-Manager and Dee Murphy-Coach.

1988-St. John’s All-Stars
Debby Power, Tammy White, Bonnie Cooney, Jackie Atkinson, Leona Mitchell, Janet Power, Colleen Morrissey, Marg Davis, Joanne Simms, Becky Pendergast, Janice R Power, Rose Hatfield, Connie Fleming, Colleen Tapper, Sherry Morrissey, Linda Randell, Janice M Power, Bette Murphy-Manager and Dee Murphy-Coach.

1989-St. John’s All-Stars
Nancy Kennedy, Rosarii Wilson, Cathy Quinlan, Naomi Murphy, Joanne Mahoney, Colleen Morrissey, Joanne Simms, Connie Dykstra, Connie Fleming, Debby Power, Jackie Atkinson, Mary Oakley, Pam Babstock, Tammy White and Harry Power-Coach.

1990-St. John’s All-Stars
Tammy White, Connie Dykstra, Bonnie Cooney, Debby Power, Nancy Kennedy, Pam Babstock, Naomi Murphy, Nancy Gulliver, Bev Wheeler, Debby Pike, Judy Eddy, Colleen Morrissey, Leona Mitchell and Harry Power-Coach.

1991-Big Ben’s
Margie Young, Joanne Simms, Maggie Cleary, Connie Fleming, Naomi Murphy, Sonja Drodge, Colleen Tapper, Michelle Doyle, Cathy Downey, Tina Stoyles, Susan Sooley, Bun Druken, Carolyn Good, Rosarii Wilson, Jackie Atkinson, Dawn Storey, Harry Power-Coach and John Hunter-Coach.

1992-Stanley’s Sports Pub
Joanne Simms, Connie Fleming, Colleen Tapper, Sonja Drodge, Yvonne Healey, Jenny Hogan, Cathy Martin, Tammy White, Leona Mitchell, Dianne Pittman, Mary Oakley, Joanne Mahoney, Debby Power, Maggie Cleary, Joanne Kennedy, Sharon Whittle-Manager and John Dawe-Coach.

1994-Labatt Raiders
Bonnie Cooney, Jacinta Bruce, Kellie Baker, Dianne Pittman, Nancy Kennedy, Tammy White, Nancy Gulliver, Connie Dykstra, Joanne Simms, Heather Keats, Joanne Mahoney, Colleen Tapper, Linda Randell, Connie Smith, Chris MacNaughton-Equipment Manager, Lucy Baird-Manager and Noel Keough-Coach.