Eastern Canadian Softball Championship

The Eastern Canadian Softball Championship Committee is made up of the 6 most Eastern provinces – Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland Labrador.

Fastpitch tournaments are held for boys & girls in the U14, U16 and U18 age categories as well as Intermediate Men and Women and Orthodox Men and Women. The tournaments rotate between provinces.

Minor Eastern weekend is traditionally the weekend before the Labour Day and tournaments will usually begin at noon on Thursday until Sunday.

Adult Eastern weekend is the weekend after Labour Day and teams will play Friday beginning at noon until Sunday.

2017 Tournament Dates

Minor Eastern Weekend
August 24-27

Adult Eastern Weekend
September 8-10

Source: Eastern Canadian Softball Championship


Newfoundland Labrador At Eastern Canadian Softball Championships

Newfoundland Labrador have hosted 57 Eastern Canadian Softball Championship Tournaments over a 38-year span from 1979-2016.

Teams from Newfoundland Labrador have had tremendous success at the Eastern Canadian Softball Championships capturingĀ 85 Medals Overall with 20 Gold Medals, 33 Silver Medals andĀ 32 Bronze Medals.

Team success and individual success seem to go hand-in-hand and that is certainly the case for teams and players from Newfoundland Labrador who have participated at the Eastern Canadian Softball Championships.

29 MVP Awards, 28 Top Batter Awards, 25 Top Pitcher Awards, 8 Most Sportsmanship/Spirited Awards and 66 All-Star (Team) Selections.

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