Softball Canada Hall of Fame
The Softball Canada Hall of Fame exists to honour those individuals and teams who have served and represented fast pitch, orthodox and slo-pitch softball. Prolonged and meritorious performances while a member of Softball Canada at the national and international level will be recognized.
Every year, Softball Canada inducts up to five (5) inductees from the region hosting the Annual General Meeting at the Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet. Nominations are considered by a Selection Committee, who rank the most deserving candidates based on their accomplishments and contributions to the sport of softball. Although there is no physical Hall of Fame, all inductees are listed on a plaque and on the website, and are recognized at all Softball Canada functions in which they participate or attend.



a) The Hall of Fame Committee accepts nominations by April 1, study the nominations based on the established criteria, and make a decision as to the acceptance or non-acceptance of each nomination to the Hall of Fame.

b) The selections must be approved by the Board of Directors of Softball Canada.


a) Nominations may originate from a Provincial/Territorial Association Member, from the Board of Softball Canada, or from a team, club, or other softball organization. Where the nomination is from a team, club or other softball organization, the nomination must have the support of the provincial/territorial softball governing body where the nominee was involved.

b) Written nominations must be accompanied by documents covering in as great detail as possible, the athletic accomplishments or the service record or both, of the person(s) nominated (e.g. newspaper clippings). The claimed accomplishments or service record shall be supported by documentary evidence where there is any possibility of doubt.

c) Nominations must be accompanied by one or more photographs of the nominee(s). In the case of an athlete, it should be if possible, an action picture from the athlete’s competing days. In the case of a sportsman/woman, it shall be a suitable pose from their active service days.

d) Nominations must be in the hands of the Committee by April 1 for consideration that year.

e) Successful nominees for the Hall of Fame will be inducted at the Annual General Meeting of Softball Canada. All applicants approved by the Committee shall be forwarded for final approval to the Board of Directors of Softball Canada with a recommendation for enrollment in the Hall of Fame.


To be eligible for nomination the individual must have been a Canadian citizen or permanent resident during the period for which outstanding performance/service is claimed.


a) Athletes

i. Have compiled an outstanding record at national or international competitions over a period of at least five years; or ii. Have made a significant contribution to the winning of a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal in Pan American Games, Olympic Games or ISF World Championships.

b) Coaches

i. Have coached with distinction at least five (5) teams at Canadian Championships; or
ii. Have coached with distinction at least one (1) team at a Pan American Games, Olympic Games or ISF World Championships.
iii. Have if possible made notable contributions to the development of coaching in Canada.

c) Officials

i. Have officiated in at least three (3) Canadian Championships; or
ii. Have officiated in at least one (1) Pan American Games, Olympic Games or ISF World Championships.
iii. Have made a notable contribution to the development of umpiring in Canada.

d) Sports Builders

i. Have served Softball Canada with distinction nationally or internationally for at least five (5) years; and/or
ii. Have made significant contributions to the game for at least five (5) years at the provincial/territorial level; and
iii. Have performed the above services in an exemplary manner.

e) Teams

i. A club or national team that has represented Canada and distinguished itself in recognized international competition; or ii. A club team that has won at least three (3) Canadian Championships within a five year period. When reviewing this accomplishment the committee must be comfortable that a substantial core of players have remained with the team throughout the period.

f) Others

i. Persons whose softball involvement combines wholly, or in part, the qualities mentioned above in such a way as to make their contributions to softball of an outstanding nature.


The annual limit shall be set at a maximum of five (5) selections.

Up to five (5) entrants to the Softball Canada Hall of Fame may be named each year. Except in special circumstances, nominations will only be considered for inductees from the region hosting the Annual Meeting that year.


All applications are to be forwarded through your respective Provincial/Territorial Association who will then forward it to:

Softball Canada
c/o Hall of Fame Committee
223 Colonnade Rd., Suite 212
Ottawa, ON  K2E 7K3
Tel. 613-523-3386 or Fax. 613-523-5761

Source: Softball Canada