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Bantam “A” (1995-2007)

Bantam “A” Female Slo-Pitch Provincials (1995-2007)

Championship Teams (Members)

Ashley Power, Julie Beth McCarthy, Wendy Mercer, Dawn Pittman, Michelle Soucy, Erin Galway, Kerry Legrow, Natalie French, Terralyn Dove, Noralie White, Erika Lewis, Amy Martin, Jennifer Wood, Keith Thomas-Coach, Wayne Dyke-Coach and Paul McCarthy-Coach. 

Melanie Hefferan, Nancy Maher, Pam Power, Dana White, Sherry Keefe, Anna Miller, Jeannette Power, Jennifer Brown, Jacqueline Wakeham, Heidi Collins, Janine Chubbs, Jackie Chubbs and Chad O’Keefe-Coach. 

1997-Portugal Cove
Jacqueline, Gillian, Megan, Stephanie S, Stephanie, Tanta, Lisa, Lois, Krista, Mellissa, Natasha, Nicole, Tracy. Full Names Unavailable.

1998-Arnolds Cove

Melanie Batten, Susanne Butler, Krista Haggett, Ashley Reid, Rose Marie Bishop, Katie Butt, Michelle Rideout, Stephanie Collins, Tanya Goodland, Candice Petten, Melissa Batten, Amanda Hobbs, Karen Quigley and Crystal Petten-Coach. 

2004-Conception Bay South
Lindsay Scott, Erica Andrews, Felicia Radford, Mandy Norman, Kayla Lynch, Patricia Conway, Michelle Rideout, Amanda Hobbs, Jillian Lahey, Rose Marie Bishop, Kerri Nugent, Carter Hong, Paul Smith-Coach and Michael Gregory-Coach.

Kim Manning, Mary Ann Codner, Ellen Davis, Stacy Sweetland, Sherri Lynn Sweetland, Leah Murray, Susan O’Keefe, Tiffany Woodfine, Stephanie Crowe, Shannon Vaters, Lindsay Tobin, Renee Roche, Alicia Power, Marie Codner and Rhonda Manning.

2006-Conception Bay Central
Alicia Poole, Amy Corbett, Amber Kennedy, Danielle Lewis, Michelle Connors, Diana Carroll, Elizabeth Mahoney, April Connors, Janie O’Leary, Jessica Fewer, Megan Lewis, Denise Poole-Coach and Mike Mahoney-Coach.

2007-Conception Bay Central
Alicia Poole, Amy Corbett, April Connors, Kelly Ann Fewer, Megan Lewis, Diana Carroll, Amber Kennedy, Jillian Mason, Danielle, Lewis, Elizabeth Mahoney, Cassey O’Leary, Janna Lewis, Ali Fewer, Denise Poole-Manager, Jean Corbett-Coach and Daphne Lewis-Coach.

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