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Softball Canada

Softball Canada

What is Softball Canada?

The Canadian Amateur Softball Association, commonly known as Softball Canada, is a not-for-profit National Sport Organization (NSO) based in Ottawa, Ontario founded in 1951. It is recognized and financially supported by the Government of Canada as the National Governing Body for the sport of softball. Softball Canada is administered by an eight-member Board of Directors elected by the country’s 13 Provincial and Territorial Associations, and is supported by eight staff members working in the National Office.

Softball Canada’s Coach and Umpire Development programs are recognized as worldwide leaders in the sport of softball, and all four of Canada’s National Teams (Junior and Senior, Men and Women) are perennial medal threats in all international competitions.

With funding annually provided by Sport Canada, Membership fees, sales and sponsorship, Softball Canada develops new programming to target various segments of its membership, including the very successful Learn to Play (for children aged 5-10 years old) and CANpitch Programs. The Long Term Player Development Guide for Softball in Canada serves as Softball Canada`s framework for decision-making.

Softball Canada’s Mission

Softball Canada in partnership with Provincial/Territorial and local Associations leads, promotes, invests and builds the sport. Collectively we provide opportunities for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers by developing, delivering and promoting innovative, quality programs and services at the Community, Provincial/Territorial and International levels.

Softball Canada’s Values

Fundamental beliefs of Softball Canada and our members include:

  • Softball is athlete/participant centered, coach driven, and supported by officials, volunteers, staff, and financial partners
  • That the game should provide a fun experience for all participants
  • The value of sport in developing life skills, healthy active living and achieving excellence
  • Fair and inclusive access
  • Ethical, Respectful & Moral behaviour
  • Safe and supportive environments free from harassment and abuse

Softball Canada’s Operating Principles

  • LTPD framework guides decision making
  • Competitions and programs are designed to increase the growth and development of the sport and meet the needs of participants
  • Both recreational and competitive streams support softball’s sustainability in communities
  • A willingness for change and a flexibility to achieve results
  • Open, effective communication to encourage collaboration
  • Respect of differences and support of others within the organization
  • Provision of services in both official languages
  • Recognition and respect for the important role of volunteers in softball
  • Effective and efficient organizational and financial management

Source: Softball Canada

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