Newfoundland Labrador At Canada Games

NL Female Teams At Canada Games
Newfoundland Labrador have participated in 11 Canada Games since 1969.

In 73 Games, Newfoundland Labrador have an Overall Record of 13-Wins, 60-Losses.

No Medals, highest finish was 7th Place in 1977 and 1989.

1969 Female
Halifax Nova Scotia August 20 to 25
Finished 9th 2 Wins-5 Losses

Ruby Amminson, Terry Bailey, Peggy Baker, Mary Bennett, Bev Crummell, Joan Fitzgerald, Lillian Hawco, Elaine Stamp, Diane Mercer, Mary Oakley, Shelia Pierce, Rose Tobin, Jocelyn Warford, Marilyn Noseworthy, Doug Crummell-Coach.

1973 Female
New Westminster BC August
Finished 8th 2 Wins-3 Losses

NL 11 vs. Nova Scotia 7
NL 24 vs. Yukon 4
NL 1 vs. Saskatchewan 8
NL 2 vs. British Columbia 4
NL 6 vs. Manitoba 7

Sandy Adams, Peggy Baker, Madonna Bruce, Judy Dooling, Bev McIssac, Kathy Jackman, Cathy Mercer, Shirley Mercer, Helen O’Leary, Sherri O’Quinn, Patty Polych, Annette Rossiter, Paula Shallow, Gaye Squires, Mary Wakeham, Bette Murphy-Manager, Charlie Riddle-Coach.

1977 Female
St. John’s NL-August 07 to 19
Finished 7th 3 Wins-3 Losses

Bernie Barron, Cathy Brown, Rose Foley, Diana Granter, Colleen Hogan, Sharon Making, Cathy Mercer, Colleen Morrissey, Sue Peckham, Patty Polych, Janice R Power, May Smith, Colleen Tapper, Linda Wall, Jane Wegenast, Tammy White, Lynette Wall, Bette Murphy-Manager, Tols Chapman-Coach.

1985 Female
Saint John New Brunswick August
Finished 8th 1 Win-4 Losses

Jackie Atkinson, Stephanie Baldwin, Glenda Collins, Bonnie Cooney, Dianne Dyer, Norma Edwards, Connie Fleming, Susan Gagne, Sue Gulliver, Dianne Pittman, Edna Rodgers, Janet Power, Janice M Power, Lorraine Hickey, Charlene Sullivan, Linda Randell, Joanne Mahoney, Sandy Adams-Manager, Marg Davis-Coach, Bill Abbott-Coach.

1989 Female
Finished 7th 2 Wins-3 Losses

Jacinta Bruce, Maggie Cleary, Judy Connors, Colleen Doyle, Nicole Foley, Michelle Gosse, Nancy Gulliver, Karen Heath, Donna Keats, Andrea Keefe, Joanne Kennedy, Valerie Newhook, Karen Power, Margie Young, Tanya Power, Clare Quinlan-Manager, Lynn Vatcher-Coach, Glenn Littlejohn-Coach.

1993 Female
Kamloops BC August
Finished 10th 0 Wins-5 Losses

Michelle Beresford, Tanya Campbell, Mitzi Cholock, Shannon Hong, Jodi Jewers, Tina Kelloway, Kyla Kelly, Tammy Kendell, Colleen McCormack, Leanne Piccott, Erin Power, Colleen Rossiter, Jill Russell, Lana Stead, Leslie Russell, Colleen Connolly-Manager, Neil Benson-Coach, John Dawe-Coach.

1997 Female
Brandon Manitoba August 10 to 15
Finished 10th 1 Win-5 Losses

NL 3 vs. Quebec 10
NL 1 vs. New Brunswick 3
NL 4 vs. Manitoba 3
NL 3 vs. Saskatchewan 7
NL 1 vs. PEI 7
NL 0 vs. New Brunswick 7

Top Batter: Nancy Newman 6-15 .400BA
Top Pitcher: Tammy Dingwell 1-0, 1.000

Trina Burry, Amy Dalton, Christy Dalton, Gillian Dawe, Tammy Dingwell, Stephanie Harasymiw, Jean Marie Kenny, Joanne Kennedy, Jennifer McLoughlan, Sonja Mills, Krista Mullins, Lisa Munn, Nancy Newman, Bonnie Stagg, Jennifer Whelan, Ralph Dingwell-Manager, Jacinta Bruce-Coach, Dave Feener-Coach.

2001 Female
London Ontario August
Finished 10th 1 Win-5 Losses

Danielle Dunphy, Melanie Badcock, Sherry Fagan, Cecile Fagan, Allison Conway, Maggie Walsh, Jacqueline Stone, Nicole Squires, Rebecca Russell, Christie Dalton, Katie Woodford, Kelly Smith, Natalie Leonard, Melissa Fagan, Dianna Whiffin, Sandra Dunphy-Manager, Shirley Mercer-Coach, Brian Dunphy-Coach.

2005 Female
Regina Saskatchewan August 15 to 20
Finished 9th 1 Win-8 Losses

Ashley Dunphy, Michelle Rideout, Kayla Connors, Stefanie Walsh, Ashlee Leonard, Falon Gushue, Stacey Keough, Jade Doyle, Candice Petten, Jill Colbourne, Brittany Wilson, Ashley Reid, Victoria Davis, Renee Saunders, Shannon Costello, Mike Connors-Manager, Sherry Burry-Coach, Brian Dunphy-Coach.

2009 Female
Prince Edward Island August 16 to 22
Finished 10th 0 Wins-9 Losses

NL 0 vs. British Columbia 10
NL 2 vs. New Brunswick 8
NL 1 vs. Alberta 8
NL 0 vs. Quebec 9
NL 0 vs. Ontario 16
NL 1 vs. PEI 9
NL 0 vs. Manitoba 5
NL 5 vs. Nova Scotia 6
NL 0 vs. Saskatchewan 16

Brittany Antle, Breanne Aylward, Susan Barry, Kendall Carmichael, Diana Carroll, Any Corbett, Amber Kennedy, Danielle Lewis, Jill Mason, Stephanie Pomeroy, Alicia Poole, Laura Prosper, Michelle Rideout, Tiffany Woodfine, Paul Smith-Manager, Anne Jefford-Coach, Paul Smith Jr.-Coach.

2013 Female
Sherbrooke, QC August 2nd to August 9th
Finished 10th 0 Wins-10 Losses

Game #1: 16-0 Loss vs. Manitoba (3-Innings)
Game #2: 5-0 Loss vs. Nova Scotia (7-Innings)
Game #3: 7-0 Loss vs. Prince Edward Island (5-Innings)
Game #4: 7-0 Loss vs. Alberta (7-Innings)
Game #5: 16-1 Loss vs. British Columbia (3-Innings)
Game #6: 12-4 Loss vs. Saskatchewan (8-Innings)
Game #7: 15-0 Loss vs. Quebec (5-Innings)
Game #8: 7-0 Loss vs. New Brunswick (6-Innings)
Game #9: 7-0 Loss vs. Ontario (5-Innings)
Game #10: 9-5 Loss vs. Nova Scotia (7-Innings)

Brittany Antle, Susan Barry, Natasha Buckle, Mary Kate Dawson, Samantha Kennedy, Callie Langmead, Rebecca Maher, Jillian Mason, Mariah Morrissey, Cassie O’Leary, Janie O’Leary, Heidi Sullivan, Victoria Woolridge, Hilary Young, Rebecca Byrne & Kaitlyn Harris. Paul Smith Jr. (Head Coach), Amy Corbett (Assistant Coach), Lee Cose (Assistant Coach) & Paul Smith Sr. (Manager).