Canadian Junior Women’s Championships

1975-Provincial All-Stars
Bernie Barron, Tammy White, Patty Polych, Cathy Mews, Cathy Mercer, Lynette Wall, Colleen Tapper, Colleen Morrissey, Janet Dunville, Ann Marie Abbott, Agnes Manning, Diane Buckle, Diane Granter and Gert Delaney-Coach.

1976-Canada Games
Bernie Barron, Rose Foley, Colleen Hogan, Sharon Making, Cathy Mercer, Colleen Morrissey, Patty Polych, Janice R Power, Colleen Tapper, Lynette Wall, Tammy White, Ann Marie Abbott, Grace LeDrew, Sandra Thomas, Bette Murphy-Manager and Tolson Chapman-Coach.

Marg Hickey, Colleen Hogan, Judy Pomroy, Juanita O’Reilly, Rose Edmunds, Rose Doody, Debbie Mills, Peggy Barron, Cathy Power, Carmel Pittman, Lucille Beresford, Mel Spurvey, Jean Brown, Brenda Beresford, Brenda Wakeham, Rose Foley, Ann Smith, Debby Power, Lynn Hogan-Manager and Rick Foley-Coach.

1979-St. John’s All-Stars
Val Abbott, Brenda Foley, Cindy Kennedy, Leanne Oake, Caroline Baird, Rhoda Vinnicombe, Cathy O’Keefe, Gail Noel, Vickie Walsh, Debby Picco, Sue Stevenson, Darlene Pinsent, Grace Connors, Marg Vinnicombe, Carmel Pittman, Charlie Norris-Coach and Harry Power-Coach.

1980-St. John’s All-Stars
Angela Boland, Jenny Devereaux, Gwen Duggan, Rose Foley, Sue Gulliver, Frances Gulliver, Debby Power, Clare Quinlan, Barb Redmond, Brenda Clarke, Sherry Morrissey, Bev Newhook, Roma Walsh, Bev Collins, Sharon Kane, Ann Marie O’Neill, Rhonda Walsh, Debbie Eustace, Bette Murphy-Manager and Dee Murphy-Coach.

1981-St. John’s Capitals (Bronze Medal)
Lucy Baird, Gerri Casey, Brenda Clarke, Sue Peckham, Gwen Duggan, Sherry Morrissey, Bev Newhook, Ann Marie O’Neill, Debby Power, Clair Quinlan, Barb Redmond, Sonja Stone, Rhonda Walsh, Colleen Tapper-Manager and Ralph Tapper-Coach.

1982-St. John’s All-Stars
Jackie Atkinson, Angela Boland, Brenda Clarke, Joy Clarke, Sue Gulliver, Linda Randell, Barb Redmond, Sherry Morrissey, Rhonda Walsh, Karen Dunn, Rhonda Carew, Clair Quinlan, Gwen Duggan-Manager and Ralph Tapper-Coach.

1983-St. John’s All-Stars
Lucy Baird, Karen Dunn, Joy Clarke, Ann Marie O’Neill, Rhonda Power, Gloria Power, Sue Gulliver, Sherry Morrissey, Claudette Hoyles, Roxanne Snow, Judy Tucker and Ralph Tapper-Coach.

1984-Canada Games
Linda Randell, Jackie Atkinson, Bonnie Cooney, Charlene Sullivan, Diane Dyer, Sue Gulliver, Norma Edwards, Edna Rogers, Lorraine Hickey, Joanne Mahoney, Janet Power, Joy Clarke, Angela Yee, Claudette Hoyles, Sue Gagne, Doris Rowe, Roxanne Snow, Sandy Adams-Manager, Marg Davis-Coach and Bill Abbott-Coach.

1986-St. John’s All-Stars
Janet Power, Jackie Atkinson, Edna Rogers, Leona Mitchell, Carolyn McCormack, Bonnie Cooney, Jackie Hickey, Dianne Hickey, Karen Follett, K Connors, Tammy White-Coach and Colleen Tapper-Coach.

1990-Provincial All-Stars
Maggie Cleary, Andrea Keefe, Joanne Kennedy, Bev Lane, Cathy Langdon, Sherry Maher, Tina Stoyles, Margie Young, Karen Whittle, Donna Bruce, Jacinta Bruce, Nicole Foley, Clair Quinlan,-Manager and Lynn Vatcher-Coach.

1993-Provincial All-Stars
Kim King, Denise Walsh, Renena Manning, Judy Connors, Joanne Philpott, Heather Doyle, Kim Miller, Lori Yetman, Donna Squires, Dawn King, Gina Evely, Tara Stack, Jamie Johnson, Brenda Wakeham-Manager and Harry Power-Coach.

2012-Newfoundland Selects
Brittany Antle, Susan Barry, Amy Corbett, Natasha Buckle, Mary Kate Dawson, Sami Kennedy, Callie Langmead, Rebecca Maher, Jill Mason, Mariah Morrissey, Cassie O’Leary, Janie O’Leary, Heidi Sullivan, Victoria Woolridge, Hilary Young, Paul Smith Jr.-Coach, Anne Jefford-Coach, Lee Cose-Coach, Paul Smith Sr.-Manager.

2015-NL Selects
Maggie Barron, Olivia Corbett, Kaitlyn Harris, Lindsay Head, Sami Kennedy, Callie Langmead, Rebecca Maher, Brittany McCarthy, Mariah Morrissey, Megan Normore, Cassie O’Leary, Hilary Young, Paul Smith Jr. (Head Coach), Amy Corbett (Assistant Coach) & Anne Jefford (Assistant Coach).

2016-NL Selects
Cassie O’Leary, Callie Langmead, Renee Myers, Rebecca Maher, Lindsay Head, Mariah Morrissey, Brittany McCarthy, Jenna Connolly, Jill Connolly, Olivia Powell, Maggie Barron, Calista Corbett, Reagan Myers, Kaitklyn Harris, Olivia Corbett, Sherry Maher-Manager, Ann Jefford-Coach, Amy Corbett-Coach, Paul Smith Jr.-Coach.