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Senior “B” (1984-1992)

Senior “B” Ladies Slo-Pitch Provincials (1984-1992)

Championship Teams (Members)

1984-Beothuck Crushing & Paving
Cathy Pike, Linda Davis, Mercedes Connors, Linda Williams, Heather Perfect, Jennifer Johnson, Michelle Thorne, Beth Lacey, Carol Delaney, Paulette Purcell, Morrissette Johnson, Brenda Houlihan, Janet O’Neill, Mary Connors, Penny Vatcher and Gord Follett-Coach.

Karen McEvoy and Karen Houlihan. Remaining Team Members Unavailable.

Dale Riggs. Remaining Team Members Unavailable.

1987-South Dildo
Glenda Day. Remaining Team Members Unavailable.

1988-Beothuck Crushing & Paving
Helen Kelly, Francine Roach, Joann Doyle, Barbara Shank, Sharon Crocker, Cathy Pike, Sandy Collins, Linda Williams, Cathy Bearns, Cathy Pearcey, Mercedes Connors, Janet Quick and Gord Follett-Coach.

1989-Beothuck Crushing & Paving
Mercedes Connors, Joann Doyle, Francine Roach, Cathy Bearns, Cathy Pike, Janet Quick, C Jarrett, S Suley, B Parsons, B Hackett, P Luby, B Rideout, M Anderson, B Blackmore, S Drey and Gord Follett-Coach.

1990-Clarkes Beach Warriors
Cindy Brett, Philomena Snow, Denise Drover, Denise French, Jackie Tuttle, Jackie Spencer, Debbie Dawe, Renee Drover, Renee Webber, Korine Bendell and Sherri Badcock-Player/Coach.

1991-South Dildo
Roxanne Reid, Kim Clarke, Tammy Murphy, Marilyn Day, Dawn Giles, Jennifer Day, Michelle Burt, Karen Pike, Denise Smith, Christine Thorne, Tracy Smith, Connie Higdon, Sharon Reid, Gail Thorne and Eric Clarke-Coach.

1992-South Dildo
Gail Thorne, Christine Thorne, Roxanne Reid, Jennifer Day, Karen Philpott, Niki George, Dawn Giles, Tammy Murphy, Kim Clarke, Tracey Smith, Denise Smith, Karen Pike, Denise Pike, Marilyn Day, Hayley Cram and Eric Clarke-Coach.

Senior “B” Ladies Slo-Pitch Provincials (1984-1992)


1984 Linda Davis (Beothuck Crushing & Paving) .600BA
1985 Karen McEvoy (Paradise) .588BA
1985 Peggy Smith (Whitbourne) .588BA
1986 Michelle Spencer (Trapper Johns) .860BA
1987 Connie Dykstra (Beothuck Crushing & Paving) .500BA
1988 Beverley Parsons (Brook Cove) .611BA
1989 Jackie Pitcher-March (Harbour Grace) .667BA
1990 Jackie Spencer (Clarkes Beach) .556BA
1991 Sandy Tucker (Paradise) .870BA
1992 Karen Arnold (Paradise) .700BA

1984 Cathy PikeBeothuck (Crushing & Paving)
1985 Karen Houlihan (Paradise)
1986 Dale Riggs (Burin)
1987 Glenda Day (South Dildo)
1988 Cathy Pike (Beothuck Crushing & Paving)
1989 Francine Roche (Beothuck Crushing & Paving)
1990 Denise French (Clarkes Beach)
1991 Roxanne Reid (South Dildo)
1992 Jennifer Day (South Dildo)

1984 Betty Pearcey (Whitbourne)
1985 Peggy Smith (Whitbourne)
1986 Peggy Smith (Whitbourne)
1987 Kathy Kean (Rock Construction)
1988 Wendy Batten (Mackinsons)
1989 Marie Trickett (Harbour Grace)
1990 Marie Trickett (Harbour Grace)
1991 Lisa Roach (Shamrocks)
1992 Wendy Butt (Carbonear)

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