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Umpires Program

Softball NL Umpires Program (2018-2020)

The Softball NL Umpires Program (2018-2020) is an agreement between the Softball NL Board of Directors and the Softball NL Umpires. To Read The Agreement Click On The Link Below…

Softball NL Umpires Program (2018-2020)

Any questions regarding the Softball NL Umpires Program (2018-2020) can be directed towards Softball NL Umpire-In-Chief Keith Pender at


National Softball Officials Certification Program

The National Softball Officials Certification Program was developed to educate and certify umpires across Canada. The program teaches umpires rules and definitions of softball, the proper dress and equipment, the use of the official Softball Canada Rule Book, home plate and base umpire mechanics and to ultimately improve the skills of umpires across Canada.

The following levels must be attained in order to umpire in the following events:

Provincial Minor TournamentsLevel I
Provincial Junior Tournaments Level II
Midget Boy's, Midget Girl's, and Jr. Ladies Canadian Championships Level III
Jr. Men's, Sr. Women's, and Sr. Men's Canadian Championships Level IV
International Tournaments Level V

If you would like to register to umpire in Softball Newfoundland Labrador, please contact Keith Pender (Softball NL Umpire-in-Chief) at

How to Become a Registered Umpire

So you’re interested in becoming an umpire… That’s wonderful! Umpiring does have a lot of great things to offer – if of course – you think you can tolerate and learn to deal with the realities of the officiating world, i.e., dust, heat, shoe polish, confrontation, rules, fans… and, on the brighter side… camaraderie, the colour of blue, teamwork, partnership, travel, and lots more.

Since you’re considering becoming an umpire, you should really consider becoming a registered umpire. A registered umpire is an official who has become a member of one of the best officiating programs in the world.

If you want to become an umpire, your first task is to get in touch with your Local Umpires’ Association. Your Local Association will provide general clinics in rules and mechanics to get you started. You will want to go to the ball diamond and watch your peers to get a better sense of officiating. Your association will want you do decide whether to umpire Slo-Pitch, Fastpitch, or both.

The next step towards your officiating development will be the registration process. Your Local Association will provide you with a Registration/Application Form. Once this form is submitted, it registers you with your Provincial or Territorial Umpire Program. There is a fee associated with this registration, but what you receive for your investment far surpasses this amount. After you’ve submitted your Registration/Application Form you will receive a rulebook, examinations (Slo-Pitch and Fastpitch) and a lot of informative information about the Provincial/Territorial programs and services. Once you have submitted your examinations, the Provincial/Territorial office will mark your exams and send you copies of your results. You are now a Registered Umpire and you will have been given a number. This number shows that you are a Registered Umpire in your Province or Territory, and, because your Province is affiliated with Softball Canada, you are now registered with Softball Canada.

The most important question you must entertain is “Why should I register?” When you register with your Provincial/Territorial Umpire Program, you avail yourself of a multitude of opportunities, services and information that are unavailable to the unregistered official. One of the most important services provided through registration is insurance. Insurance protects you not only for injury, should you be injured on the diamond, but against legal accusations and litigation. Your registration gives you access to provincial/territorial and national publications and information about clinics. Being a registered official places you in a position to move up the ladder of success. Qualified personnel will evaluate you. Potentially, you can move from a Level I official to Level II, Level III and so on as you acquire clinics and on-field evaluations. There are many opportunities to advance on and off the diamond. When you register, you place yourself in a position to umpire at any Member Association sanctioned tournaments, including Provincial/Territorial Championships, Provincial/Territorial Qualifiers, Eliminations, and Grand Championships. You are also eligible to umpire at Canadian Championships.

You want to become an umpire? Become a Registered Umpire! Here is the abbreviated process…

  • Get in touch with your Local Association.
  • Fill out the application form and mail it to your Provincial/Territorial Office with the appropriate fee. An umpire package will be sent to you… rulebook, examinations, insurance information and other pamphlets about services and publications.
  • Write the exams and return them to your Provincial/Territorial office for marking.
  • When you pass, you will receive your results with a reference sheet, and your Softball Canada number.

Support your Local Umpires’ Association, support your Provincial or Territorial Umpires’ Program, and support Softball Canada. When you register you become a member of one of the most experienced and well-respected umpire crews in the world. Register and wear your blues proudly.

Benefits of Being a Softball Canada Registered Umpire

  • Official recognition by Softball Canada (recognized as the National Sport Governing Body by Sport Canada) and by your own Provincial/Territorial Association as a qualified softball official. Through your affiliation with Softball Canada, you also become linked with the International Softball Federation, the governing body for both slo-pitch and fast pitch throughout the world.
  • Access to professionally organized umpire certification clinics (Levels I through IV) for both slo-pitch and fast pitch officials. At these annual clinics, emphasis is placed on understanding and correct interpretation of rules, as well as understanding proper on-the-diamond techniques.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage. Complete information is available through your Provincial/Territorial Association, which administers this program.
  • Encouragement and support through on-field umpire development and evaluation programs. Senior umpires will review your progress in actual game situations and provide helpful advice on how to improve your umpiring skills.
  • The potential to officiate at:
    • Local Leagues
    • Sanctioned Regional Competitions & Tournaments
    • Sanctioned Provincial/Territorial Championships
    • Inter-Provincial/Territorial Regional Championships
    • Canadian Championships
    • International Events
    • World Championships
    • Olympic Games
  • You will receive the newsletter, “Between the Lines”, which includes various articles to help you improve your umpiring skills, a detailed look at rule interpretations, news from around the country plus general interest stories. Every second year you will have the opportunity to participate in our national umpire convention, “Blue Convention”, and attend workshops conducted by Canada’s top umpires, presentations from international speakers as well as social and networking opportunities.
  • Softball Canada offers National Umpire Mechanics Schools, high intensity skills training seminars that will enhance your umpiring skills and put you at the top of your game.
  • You will become part of a support network of over 5,000 Softball Canada umpires, each committed to being the best official she/he can be!

Keith Pender (Softball NL UIC)

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