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Softball NL Umpires Program (2018-2020)





History: The Blue Crew In Newfoundland Labrador


From its beginning in 1957 and up to and including 1967, Officiating at all Softball Games played in the City were Officiated by Executive Members, Players and Interested Individuals.

In 1968, the St. John’s Senior Men’s Softball League became the first Softball Organization to have its games Officiated by an organized Umpires Association when it retained the services of the St. John’s Baseball Umpires Association.

That season they Officiated some 65-games for a fee of $600.00. In 1969, other Leagues in the City began utilizing the services of the Baseball Umpires Association. This eventually led to the formation of the St. John’s Umpires Association in 1970 in order to meet the needs of both Baseball and Softball.

While this appeared to meet the Officiating needs of both Associations conflict began to surface with respect to the service being provided.

Thus in 1972, the St. John’s Metro Umpires Association was born to meet the needs of all Softball Leagues in the City and Metro Area.

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