Senior High Male Fastpitch Invitational (Revised Revised Schedule)
Dates: June 11 & TBD, 2023
Location: Kelly Park (Outer Cove)

Participating Schools
Gonzaga, Laval, Queen Elizabeth, Roncalli & St. Kevin’s


Day 1 Schedule: Sunday, June 11, 2023
Game #1: 9:00am Roncalli vs. St. Kevin’s
Game #2: 11:00am Queen Elizabeth vs. Gonzaga
Game #3: 1:00pm Roncalli vs. Laval
Game #4: 3:00pm St. Kevin’s vs. Queen Elizabeth
Game #5: 5:00pm Gonzaga vs. Laval
Game #6: 7:00pm 5th Place vs. 4th Place

Day 2 Schedule: TBD
Game #7: 4th Place vs. 1st Place
Game #8: 3rd Place vs. 2nd Place
Game #9: Championship Game

5-Runs Per Inning
7th Inning Is An Open Inning
Modified Round Robin 2-Games Per Team
Game #6 Is A Play In Game For 4th Place
Coin Toss For Home Game In Round Robin Play
Home Game In The Playoffs Goes To The Higher Seed
Tie-Breakers: A) Head-To-Head B) Least Number Of Runs Allowed