2022 Softball NL Sportscraft U17 Male Fastpitch Provincial

Dates: August 05-07
Host: Placentia
Location: Dunville

Participating Teams
Outer Cove
Southern Shore

Tournament Schedule

Day 3 Results: Sunday, August 07, 2022

Game #10: Placentia 11 vs. Outer Cove 10

Final Round Robin Standings

1. CBC 3-1
2. Southern Shore 2-2
3. Carbonear 2-2
4. Placentia 2-2
5. Outer Cove 1-3


Semi-Final #1: 1st CBC 14 vs. 4th Placentia 9

CBC Pitching Stats:
WP: Mark Corbett 7IP, 9R, 10H, 3BB, 13K

CBC Top Batters:
Ethan Murphy 2-3, 3R, Double, 2RBI
Dawson Boland 2-4, 2R, 1RBI
Mark Corbett 1-2, 3R, Double, 2BB

Placentia Pitching Stats:
LP: Rylan O’Keefe 6IP, 13R, 11H, 5BB, 11K

Placentia Top Batters:
Rylan O’Keefe 3-4, 2R, 2 Triples, 3RBI
Jacob Ryan 2-3, 3R, Triple, Grand Slam HR, 1BB, 4RBI
Jeffrey King 2-3, 1R, 2 Doubles, 1RBI

Semi-Final #2: 2nd Southern Shore 17 vs. 3rd Carbonear 9

Southern Shore Pitching Stats:
Not Available

Southern Shore Top Batters:
Gavin Rice 3-4, 1R, 2RBI
Keegan Goodridge 1-1, 3R, 1RBI
Brady Burke 1-3, 2R, Triple, 2RBI

Carbonear Pitching Stats:
Not Available

Carbonear Top Batters:
Jordan Baker 3-3, 2R
Neal Button 3-4, 2R, Double, 1RBI
Jacob Kennedy 3-4, 1R, 1RBI

Championship Game: CBC 11 vs. Southern Shore 7

CBC Pitching Stats:
WP: Mark Corbett 7IP, 7R, 11H, 2BB, 8K

CBC Top Batters:
Ethan Murphy 2-3, 2R, 2R Home Run, 1BB, 2RBI
Zach Devereaux 2-4, 1R, Solo Home Run, 1RBI
Mark Corbett 2-4, 2R, 1RBI

Southern Shore Pitching Stats:
LP: Nick Dalton 6IP, 11R, 13H, 4BB, 6K

Southern Shore Top Batters:
Nick Dalton 3-4, 3R, 2RBI
Carter Coady 2-3, 1R, 1BB
Brady Burke 2-4, 1R, Triple, 2RBI

Final Tournament Standings

1. CBC Cardinals 5-1
2. Southern Shore Crush 3-3
3. Carbonear Islanders 2-3
4. Placentia Lions 2-3
5. Outer Cove 1-3

Softball NL Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Congratulate The CBC Cardinals On Capturing The 2022 Softball NL Sportscraft U17 Male Fastpitch Provincial Championship.

Congratulations CBC Cardinals!