High School Female Fastpitch Invitational

Dates: June 04-05, 2022
Location: Wilbur Sparkes Recreation Complex (Bay Roberts)

Participating Schools
Ascension Collegiate High School
Gonzaga High School
Roncalli Central High School

Team Names
Ascension Astros
Gonzaga Vikings
Roncalli Cardinals

Tournament Schedule

Day 1 Schedule: Saturday, June 04, 2022
10:00am Ascension Astros vs. Roncalli Cardinals
12:30pm Roncalli Cardinals vs. Gonzaga Vikings
3:00pm Gonzaga Vikings vs. Ascension Astros

Day 2 Schedule: Sunday, June 05, 2022
10:30am Semi-Final 3rd Place vs. 2nd Place
1:00pm Final Winner of Semi-Final vs. 1st Place

Tournament Rules
– No Time Limit
– All Innings Are Open
– Standard Mercy Rules (15 After 3, 10 After 4, 7 After 5)
– WBSC Tie-Breaker Rule For Extra Innings (Runner Placed On 2nd Base)
– Batting 9 Allowing For Substitutions – DP/FLEX Permitted
– Tie-Breaker Will Follow The Softball Canada Rulebook
– Pitchers Must Wear A Face Mask
– Batters, On-Deck Batters And All Baserunners Must Wear A Helmet With Affixed Face Guard