2013 ISF XIII Men’s World Championship

Auckland, New Zealand
March 1st to 10th (February 28th to March 9th)

Team Canada On The Field

#42 Bryan Abrey (Richmond, BC), #51 Ryan Boland (Goulds, NL), #44 Sean Cleary (Harbour Main, NL), #19 Jeff Ellsworth (St. Lawrence, PEI), #22 Brad Ezekiel (Harbour Main, NL), #14 Ian Fehrman (Townsend, ON), #10 Jason Hill (St. John’s, NL), #17 Brandon Horn (Waterloo, ON), #30 Paul Koert (Brooklyn, ON), #33 Stephen Mullaley (Freshwater, NL), #15 Mathieu Roy (St. Gervais, QC), #8 Jason Sanford (Durham, NS), #6 Kevin Schellenberg (Squamish, BC), #20 Don Scott (Stratford, ON), #9 Andy Skelton (Scarborough, ON), #28 Sean Whitten (Calgary, AB) and #77 Ryan Wolfe (Melbourne, ON).

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: #16 Don Bates (Saskatoon, SK), Assistant Coach: #39 Les Howey (Conception Bay, NL), Assistant Coach: #7 John Stuart (Langley, BC), Athletic Therapist: #12 Adam Davies (Ottawa, ON), Team Leader: #11 Larry Gould (Burtts Corner, NB) and Manager – National Teams: #49 Mike Branchaud (Ottawa, ON).

Round Robin/Pool Play
Game #1:  2-1 Win vs. Argentina (9-Innings)
Game #2: 10-0 Win vs. Philippines (4-Innings)
Game #3: 6-0 Win vs. Mexico
Game #4: 9-7 Win vs. New Zealand (8-Innings)
Game #5: 4-1 Loss vs. Japan
Game #6: 8-0 Win vs. Colombia (5-Innings)
Game #7: 7-0 Win vs. Netherlands (5-Innings)
Round Robin Record: 6-1, 1st Place in Pool B
Runs For: 43, Runs Against: 12, Plus/Minus: Plus 31

Playoff Round
Game #1: 3-1 Loss vs. Venezuela
Game #2: 2-1 Loss vs. Argentina
Playoff Round Record: 0-2, Eliminated
Runs For: 2, Runs Against 5, Plus/Minus: Minus 3

Overall Record
Round Robin Record: 6-1 43RF. 12RA, +31
Playoff Round Record: 0-2 2RF, 5RA, -3
Overall Record: 6-3 45RF, 17RA, +28

Team Canada’s Stats At ISF

Overall Batting Stats (Final)

Team Canada (Individual Batting Stats)
#8 Jason Sanford 3-8 .375BA, 2R, 1BB, 2RBI
#22 Brad Ezekiel 9-26 .346BA, 9R, 1D, 2HR, 2SAC, 3BB, 7K, 6RBI
#17 Brandon Horn 7-21 .333BA, 2R, 3D, 1SAC, 1K, 1RBI
#6 Kevin Schellenberg 3-9 .333BA, 2R, 1SAC, 3K, 5RBI
#15 Mathieu Roy 7-22 .318BA, 4R, 1D, 1T, 2SAC, 9BB, 5K, 1RBI
#51 Ryan Boland 5-16 .313BA, 2R, 1D, 1HR, 1K, 5RBI
#9 Andy Skelton 4-13 .308BA, 4R, 1HR, 2HBP, 2BB, 4K, 4RBI
#33 Stephen Mullaley 6-21 .286BA, 5R, 2D, 1T, 1HR, 1SAC, 4BB, 8K, 3RBI
#19 Jeff Ellsworth 7-26 .269BA, 5R, 1D, 3HR, 2SAC, 2BB, 4K, 7RBI
#14 Ian Fehrman 6-24 .250BA, 4R, 1HBP, 2BB, 5K, 1RBI
#42 Bryan Abrey 4-21 .190BA, 3R, 3BB, 4K, 4RBI
#77 Ryan Wolfe 2-13 .154BA, 3R, 3BB, 2K, 1RBI
#10 Jason Hill 1-9 .111BA, 1SAC, 2K, 1RBI

Team Canada (Team Batting Stats)
64-229 .279BA, 45R, 9D, 2T, 8HR, 10SAC, 3HBP, 29BB, 46K, 41RBI

Overall Pitching Stats (Final)

Team Canada (Individual Pitching Stats)
#9 Andy Skelton 2-1, 10IP, 4R, 4ER, 2.80ERA, 5H, 1HBP, 1BB, 15K
#44 *Sean Cleary 2-1, 13.1IP, 6R, 6ER, 3.21ERA, 7H, 0HBP, 3BB, 24K
#20 Don Scott 1-0, 7.2IP, 2R, 1ER, 0.97ERA, 5H, 0HBP, 0BB, 9K
#28 Sean Whitten 1-1, 5.2IP, 3R, 3ER, 4.04ERA, 4H, 1HBP, 2BB, 9K
#30 Paul Koert 0-0, 17.1IP, 2R, 2ER, 0.82ERA, 11H, 1HBP, 5BB, 21K
#10 Jason Hill 0-0, 3IP, 0R, 0ER, 0.00ERA, 1H, 0HBP, 0BB, 5K

*Sean Cleary Pitched A 5-Inning Perfect Game Against Colombia.

Team Canada (Team Pitching Stats)
6 Wins, 3 Losses, 57IP, 17R, 16ER, 1.96ERA, 33H, 3HBP, 11BB, 85K, 1SHO

Team Canada Off The Field

Newfie TSN with Jeff Ellsworth and Special Guests.

3B Jason Hill
1B Stephen Mullaley
C Ryan Boland & LF Brad Ezekiel
CF Mathieu Roy with 1B Stephen Mullaley
P Sean Cleary & P Paul Koert
RF Jeff Ellsworth with 1B Stephen Mullaley
SS Ian Fehrman
OF Ryan Wolfe
2B Brandon Horn & 3B Bryan Abrey
Assistant Coach John Stuart

RF Jeff Ellsworth with cameraman 1B Stephen Mullaley