2013 Canadian Senior Men’s Fastpitch Championship
Dates: August 27th to September 1st, 2013
Location: Stratford, ON
2013 All-Star Team Selections & Award Winners
All-Star Team Selections (Based On Round Robin)
C Ryan Boland (DC 3CPBL) 9-19 .474BA, 6R, 1D, 3HR, 1BB, 1SB, 7RBI
1B Stephen Mullaley (DC 3CPBL) 9-21 .429BA, 9R, 1D, 4HR, 2BB, 2SB, 12RBI
SS Ian Fehrman (DC 3CPBL) 10-19 .526BA, 8R, 1D, 2HR, 1HBP, 6RBI
OF Jon Kelly (DCSJ) 12-25 .480BA, 2R, 2D, 2HR, 1BB, 12RBI
UTIL Kyle Ezekiel (DCSJ) 12-26 .462BA, 8R, 1T, 1HR, 4BB, 5SB, 3RBI
Top Pitcher Award (Based On Round Robin)
Sean Whitten (DC 3CPBL) 3-0, 18IP, 3R, 2ER, 0.78ERA, 15H, 2BB, 25K, 2SHO
Top Batter Award (Based On Round Robin)
Jason Hill (DC 3CPBL) 13-21 .619BA
Most Valuable Player Award (Round Robin)
Jason Hill (DC 3CPBL)
Batting Stats: 13-21 .619BA, 9R, 1D, 5HR, 1BB, 1SB, 13RBI
Pitching Stats: 2-0, 10IP, 1R, 0ER, 0.00ERA, 13H, 2BB, 13K, 1SHO
Most Valuable Player Award (Playoff Round)
Jason Hill (DC 3CPBL)
Batting Stats: 6-8 .750BA, 4R, 1HR, 1BB, 5RBI
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