2021 Minor Female & Male Fastpitch Leagues

With the recent Spring Forward (Sunday, March 14) and the 1st official Day of Spring (Saturday, March 20) on the horizon it is extremely important to start planning for the upcoming 2021 Minor Female & Male Fastpitch Leagues.

2020 was the inaugural year for the Minor Female & Male Fastpitch Leagues in the U12, U14 and U16 Divisions and the overall response was great. A review was completed and the positives (Communication, Competition, Participation, Scheduling and Umpiring) and negatives (Communication, Rules, Scheduling and Umpiring) were discussed. As well, further discussion was held on the potential for more Associations/Teams participating in the Leagues, adding U10 and U19 Divisions and increasing the length of the season. In the end, it was agreed upon by last year’s League Executives that the key part for most of the Leagues being successful was preparation. As a result, it was determined that if everything was planned in advance this year it would make for better organization and more efficiently run Leagues.

It was recommended that 3 people per division would make up the League Executive Committees and would cover the following:

-Committee Chair
-Social Media

If interested in being a part of one of these League Executive Committees please send Softball NL Executive Director Dave Feener (executivedirector@softballnl.ca) an email by Friday, April 02, 2021. At that point, the process of moving forward with the planning for each League will begin and an expression of interest will be sent out to Associations/Teams for the upcoming season.

2021 League Executive Committees (*Returning Members)

U10 Female Division (NEW)
Brian Roche

U10 Male Division (NEW)
Matthew Blackmore
Sean Cadigan

U12 Female Division
*Sean Cadigan
*Michael Penney

U12 Male Division
*Matthew Blackmore
*Brian Roche

U14 Female Division
*Michael Penney
*Craig Power

U14 Male Division
*Jill Monk
*Paul Whalen

U16 Female Division

U16 Male Division
*Mark Nash