U12 (Squirt) Atlantic Cup Challenge (ACC) Fast Pitch Championships

The ACC was formed to meet the needs of U12 ball players and to further develop club teams in each Atlantic Province. Competition such as this tournament will eventually help our Atlantic teams enter and be more competitive in Eastern Canadians and Nationals. The tournament will be in a fun, safe, caring environment so that fair-play and sportsmanship can be easily displayed.

Competition Notes

1. Tournament Registration and Fees

Only Club Teams from NL, PEI, NS and NB are permitted to enter this tournament (provinces are encouraged to send at least two teams if space is available than more than two teams from each Atlantic Province may enter the tournament).

– Entrance into the tournament must be made by August 15 each year.

Teams that do not follow proper registration procedures may not be permitted to participate in the tournament:

-A team will be considered registered for the Atlantic Cup Challenge sanctioned tournament only when the following conditions are met:

i. Registration must meet all deadlines;

ii. Be all affiliation with the PSO and tournament fees are paid upon registration for any tournament;

iii. All CLUB TEAM roster information must be submitted upon registration provided by PSO and signed by PSO. All forms are then forwarded to the Host Committee. Incomplete registration forms will not be accepted;

iv. Only players, coaches, and team officials that are in “good standing” with their PSO will be permitted to register and participate.

-Players must be 12 year of age or less as of December 31st of the current tournament year;

-Teams must register a minimum of 12 players to participate. Roster size must not exceed 17 players;

2. Coach Certification

a) The Head Coach is required to have On-going (Level 1), we encourage ALL adults on benches to have it.

b) Certificate of Conduct and Vulnerable Sector Check are required by All ADULT coaches, managers, parent volunteers, officials etc. on the playing field during the tournament. This check must be dated within the last 24 months and presented to the PSO;

3. Rotation Rule

Teams must have a minimum of 2 pitchers. Pitchers may pitch a maximum of 3 innings (consecutive or non-consecutive) in a regulation 6 inning game (Max. 1.5 hours). If a game needs extra innings to complete, a player who pitched 3 innings in regulation may pitch again without limitation. This applies to the playoff round also.


i) A pitcher will be considered to have pitched 1.0 inning if she/he has thrown 1 pitch.

ii) Illegal pitches will NOT be called against pitchers at the U12 division. Umpires may advise the coach of any pitcher that pitches “illegal” for the purpose of helping the developing pitcher.

4. Official Line Up

a) The official batting order shall consist of ALL players on the official roster. The designated player (DP) and FLEX are not permitted.

b) Fair Play rules will apply when the team is in the field (defense). In a 6 inning game a player must play the field a minimum of 3.0 innings/9 outs and have at least one at bat. In any game that ends early due to the mercy rule it is the coaches responsibility to ensure that all players play a minimum of 2.0 innings in the field and attempt to get at least one at bat.

c) NO player is to sit more than 1 consecutive inning. Coaches will ensure that every player sits out one inning before any player sits out two innings


i) FOR DEFENSIVE PURPOSES/FAIR PLAY 1.0 inning will be the equivalent of 3 outs OR application of the 5 run rule to end an inning (see Scoring below)

5. Scoring

a) Teams may score a maximum of 5 runs per inning with the exception of the 6th inning (“open inning”). Softball Canada mercy rules will be in effect (15 run lead after 3 or 4 complete innings, 7 run lead after 5 complete innings).

b) Maximum +/- rating in any game is +/- 7. If the home team is leading after an official game has been ended the game is over and will not continue for the purpose of a team attempting to gain a +7 rating.

c) There will be NO mercy rule after a particular inning as we encourage teams to play the entire 1.5 hours or 6 innings

d) Tie Breaking Rule will be in effect after 6 complete innings. ONLY 1 extra inning will be played. If after 7 innings the game remains tied, than it will be recorded as a tie. This applies to all tournament games with the exception of the championship game (which will continue until a winner is declared. Please note if a game goes into extra innings teams may use any pitcher and the last our from the 6th inning will be granted second base.

6. Fielding

a) Teams MUST have 9 defensive players (3 Outfielders).

b) If the player who caught in the previous ½ inning is on base with 2 outs she MUST be replaced with the player who recorded the last (2nd) out in the inning. The team is not charged with a substitution, as the purpose is to speed up the game.

7. Infield Fly

-Not in affect

8. Stealing/Advance on Bases

a) Lead-offs permitted from any base only AFTER pitch has left pitchers hand;

b) Players cannot advance to home on a steal, passed ball, overthrow or wild pitch. They must be batted in or forced home by a walk.

c) Players will only be permitted to steal second or third ONE play at a time (i.e. if a player steals second and the catches throws the ball in the outfield than the runner is only permitted to steal second…NOT third)

d) “Time” will be called by the umpires immediately following any steal or pick off attempt;

e) On dropped 3rd strike batter is automatically OUT and no throw or tag is needed to retire the batter;

9. Bunting

a) No Bunting, if a batter bunts they will be called out and the play will be considered DEAD

10. Sliding

a) Sliding to all bases is permitted

11. Tie Breaking Procedures

For the purpose of determining all positions at the end of round robin play the following tie breaking procedures will apply in this order:

1. Head to Head Record.

2. If there is still a tie, the team with the Best Plus/Minus (+ or – 7) in all round robin games will be given the higher placing.

3. If teams are still tied, the team who had the least total number of runs scored against for all round robin games will receive the higher placing.

4. If teams are still tied, the team with the highest total number of runs scored will receive the higher placing.

5. If teams are still tied, plus/minus ratio (total number of runs scored for + total number of runs scored against/total number of runs for) will apply. The lower plus/minus ratio will win the tie breaker.

6. If two teams are still tied a coin toss will take place to determine positioning.

12. Tournament Days

Tournaments will be scheduled from Thursday to Sunday in Mid-September. If the weather is unfavourable on Sunday the tournament will NOT be rescheduled and awards shall be awarded to the top two ranking teams

13. Bats

– See Softball Canada’s Bat List