Attention: Coaches/Volunteers

It takes approximately 2 weeks to get Certificates of Conduct and Vulnerable Sector Check completed through RNC/RCMP.  ALL adults on the playing field are required to have these prior to registering a team in a tournament.

Attached you will find the applications.

Certificate of Conduct 

Vulnerable Sector Check 

Please Note:
1.  You will need 2 pieces of Identification in order to drop them off.
2.  They will be mailed to Softball NL and in turn we will send you a notice
3.  If people are “red flagged” (meaning someone has the same name as you with a criminal record) then you will have to be finger printed and this takes much longer.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you get these in ASAP.

You will require a Volunteer Form, to waive fees, and you can request one through email or by contacting the President or Minor Director.

Thank-You for your co-operation,

Softball NL