Coaching NL Podium Series

In an effort to continue with effective professional development and learning opportunities for coaches, I would like to try an alternative format for delivering the next Podium Series Session, scheduled for Thursday, May 5th.

As many of you know, we are limited in number and scope of high performance sport experts in our province and it is important that our podium series sessions deliver current, relevant and up to date information on various high performance sport topics, as well as maintain freshness with respect to presenters, etc.

On Thursday, May 5th, I invite you to register for a Webinar—a one hour session on the latest in Stretching research that may be helpful for athletes in your sport. If you are unable to participate during this time, the webinar is available as a recorded session online following the scheduled session. If you have never participated in a Webinar, it is essentially a presentation delivered via the web.

To register, please click on the following link:

If you plan to register, please email me, just so that I can gauge interest/numbers participating in this type of delivery, as otherwise, I have no feedback on whether this is a valuable approach. I have been seeking effective online coaching resources for a while now and it seems like this option may be helpful for many.

Michelle Healey

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST): The missing link in training, fitness, and rehab

FST was featured in the May 2011 issue of Runners’ World as one of the new, innovative training and therapeutic methods used on elite and professional athletes. FST goes beyond stretching— it is manual and movement therapy of neuromyofascia in the connective tissue system.

If you work with athletes who want to develop strength, flexibility, agility and balance for greater physical performance, and/or who want to alleviate pain to improve function for activities of daily living then you want to attend this webinar!

This is the fourth installment in a monthly fitness and health webinar series, Raising the Bar.

About the Presenter
Chris Frederick is the director of sports and orthopedic rehabilitation at the Stretch to Win Clinic. After an injury sidelined his professional dance career, Chris went on to receive his degree in manual orthopedic physical therapy from Hunter College, City University of New York

As a result of his education and training, Chris lends a nontraditional, complementary approach to flexibility training, physical therapy, sport rehabilitation, and fitness. Using the Stretch To Win system of flexibility training and stretching, he has designed many effective injury-prevention programs for both professional and collegiate athletes.