2018 Molson Ladies Fastpitch Provincial
Dates: July 13-15
Host: Corner Brook Ladies Fastpitch League
Location: Corner Brook
Ballpark: Fred Basha Memorial Field

Day 3 Results: Sunday, July 15, 2018

Day 3 Results Brought To You By Molson-Coors




Semi-Final #1: 4th Place vs. 1st Place
Game #7: Rapid Power Bees 5 vs. Impact Signs 17 (4-Innings)

Impact Signs Pitching Stats:
WP: Reagan Myers (Starter) 3IP, 0R, 2H, 2BB, 6K
Calista Corbett (In Relief) 1IP, 5R, 3H, 0BB, 0K

Impact Signs Top Batters:
Justine Wolf 2-3, 3R, 2RBI
Jenna Connolly 2-4, 2R, Double, 2RBI
Jill Connolly 1-2, 2R, 1BB, 1RBI
Abigail Gambin 1-2, 2R, Double, 2BB
Calista Corbett 1-2, 3R, 1BB
Mariah Morrissey 1-3, 2R, 1RBI
Victoria Davis 1-4, 1R, Triple, 1RBI
Brittany McCarthy 1-4, 1R, Double, 2RBI

Game Note: Justine Wolf (Impact Signs) Named Player of the Game.

Rapid Power Bees Pitching Stats:
LP: Jillian Wells 4IP, 17R, 10H, 4BB, 1K

Rapid Power Bees Top Batters:
Kayla Brake 1-2, 1BB, 1RBI
Jennifer Hartley 1-2, 1R
Amanda Legge 1-2, 1R
Lorna Lovell 1-3, 1R
Ashley Penney 1-3

Semi-Final #2: 3rd Place vs. 2nd Place
Game #8: Whelan’s Gate 13 vs. Curling Rangers 14

Curling Rangers Pitching Stats:
WP: Donna Clarke 7IP, 13R, 9H, 3BB, 6K

Curling Rangers Top Batters:
Karen Bolger 2-3, 1R, 2RBI
Tonya Hudson 2-5, 3R, 3RBI
Amber White 1-2
Becky Hudson 1-4, 3R, 1RBI
Donna Clarke 1-4, 1R
Lori Patey 1-4, 1R

Whelan’s Gate Pitching Stats:
LP: Tammy Kendall 7IP, 14R, 8H, 2BB, 8K

Whelan’s Gate Top Batters:
Kathy Lukeman 2-3, 4R, 2BB
Angela Martyn 2-4
Katie Evans 1-4, 3R, 1BB
Lisa Keeping 1-4, 2R
Coolene Brake 1-5, 2R
Robyn Ellsworth 1-5, 1R
Danielle Hurley 1-5, 1R

Championship Game
Curling Rangers 0 vs. Impact Signs 10 (4-Innings)

Impact Signs 2018 Molson Ladies Fastpitch Provincial Champions!

Impact Signs Pitching Stats:
WP: Jenna Connolly 4IP, 0R, 4H, 3BB, 5K

Impact Signs Top Batters:
Victoria Davis 3-3, 2R, 2 Doubles, 3RBI
Abigail Gambin 2-3, 3R
Mariah Morrissey 1-2, 1BB, 1RBI
Jenna Connolly 1-2, Double, 1BB
Justine Wolf 1-2, 1BB
Reagan Myers 1-2
Jill Connolly 1-3, 2RBI
Brittany McCarthy 1-3, Double, 1RBI

Game Note: Victoria Davis (Impact Signs) Player of the Game.

Members of the Impact Signs Championship Team
Jenna Connolly, Jill Connolly, Calista Corbett, Victoria Davis, Abigail Gambin, Lindsey Head, Brittany McCarthy, Mariah Morrissey, Reagan Myers, Justine Wolf, Andrea Wolf (Coach) and Dwayne Connolly (Coach).

Congratulations Impact Signs!

Curling Rangers Pitching Stats:
LP: Donna Clarke 3.1IP, 10R, 11H, 2BB, 4K

Curling Rangers Top Batters:
Donna Clarke 1-2, 1BB
Tonya Hudson 1-2, 1BB
Ashley Bromley 1-2
Lori Patey 1-2

Game Note: Donna Clarke (Curling Rangers) Player of the Game.

2018 Tournament Awards

Most Valuable Player
Reagan Myers (Impact Signs)
Batting: 7-14 .500BA
Pitching: 2-0 W-L Record

Top Batter
Karen Bolger (Curling Rangers)
4-for-7 .571BA

Top Pitcher
Donna Clarke (Curling Rangers)
3 Wins, 2 Losses

Final 2018 Tournament Standings
1. Impact Signs 5-0
2. Curling Rangers 3-2
3. Whelan’s Gate 1-3
4. Rapid Power Bees 0-4