2012 Bantam Boys Eastern Canadian Softball Championship

St. Croix, NS
August 23rd to August 26th

Participating Teams
NS2 Sheet Harbour Rockets
NS1 East Hants
NB Sunbury Slammers
NL Bantam Selects
QC Express
ON1 Teeswater Otters
ON2 Port Perry Jacks
HOST West Hants Thunder

Tournament Results

Day 4 Results: Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Playoff Game #2: NL Bantam Boys Selects 12 vs. NS1 East Hants 3

NL Bantam Boys Selects Pitching Stats
WP: Jordan Noftall 5IP, 3R, 10H, 0BB, 4K

NL Bantam Boys Selects Top Batters:
Nick Pittman 3-4
Patrick O’Leary 2-3, Double
Simon Power 2-3
Ryan Kenny 2-2, 2BB
Daniel Byrne 2-4, Double

Note: Jordan Noftall Was Named Game MVP.

Playoff Game #3: Semi-Final
NL Bantam Boys Selects 2 vs. ON2 Port Perry Jacks 8

NL Bantam Boys Selects Pitching Stats:
LP: Jordan Noftall (Starter) 3IP, 5R, 4H, 1HBP, 0BB, 2K
Eric Healey (In Relief) 3IP, 3R, 3H, 0BB, 4K

NL Bantam Boys Selects Top Batters:
Ryan Kenny 2-3, Triple
Shane Dobbin 1-1, Triple
Josh Grouchy 1-1
Matt Dyer 1-1
Eric Healey 1-3

Note: Ryan Kenny Was Named Game MVP.

NL Bantam Boys Selects Win Bronze Medal At 2012 Bantam Boys ECSC.

NL Bantam Selects Finished The Tournament With A 5-3 Overall Record.

Members of the Bronze Medal NL Bantam Boys Selects:
Patrick O’Leary, Mitchell Stack, Simon Power, Liam Kirk, Ryan Wall, Ryan Kenny, Nick Pittman, Daniel Byrne, Eric Healey, Jordan Noftall, Shane Dobbin, Brandon Moriarity, Joshua Grouchy, John Walsh & Matt Dyer. Head Coach: Leon Cantwell. Assistant Coach: Stephen Strapp. Manager: Cassie Colbert.
Softball Newfoundland & Labrador Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Congratulate The Players, Coaching Staff & Manager Of The NL Bantam Boys Selects Eastern Canadian Softball Team On Capturing A Bronze Medal At The 2012 Bantam Boys Eastern Canadian Softball Championship In St. Croix, Nova Scotia!