While home to celebrate his mom’s birthday, Sean Whitten managed to take some time away from family and friends to give back to the game that continues to be so rewarding for him.

Softball NL, arranged a practice (May 31st) in Sean’s hometown of Petty Harbour. Whitten spent a few hours practicing and chatting with the players from the N.D. Dobbin/Goulds Pee-Wee Boys Team.

Whitten described his softball career to a very enthusiastic and eager group of 13-year olds. “Newfoundland will always be home,” said Whitten no matter where his softball travels take him.

“It was my pleasure! Don’t have many kids in Calgary that are into it, so it was nice to share some info with the guys and hang out,” said Whitten when asked about taking some time out for the practice and chatting with the N.D. Dobbin/Goulds Pee-Wee Boys Team.

Softball NL Minor Director Sherry Maher was on hand for the practice and was impressed with the interaction between Sean and the N.D. Dobbin/Goulds Pee-Wee Boys Team.

“It is great to see an elite athlete, like Sean, giving back to the game, Sean never hesitated when approached about this,” said Maher.

Softball NL have been working hard to promote the game of softball and things are moving in the right direction. “There are many positive things going on in Softball today and seeing these kids enjoy their time learning more about the game was very encouraging to say the least,” said Maher who is leading the way as Softball NL Minor Director. 

Softball NL is working on offering different programs such as CANpitch and Learn-to-Play. “We have senior players volunteering their time to share their skills with the game through CanPitch and Learn-to-Play during the off season,” said Maher.

“We at Softball NL are very proud of Sean’s accomplishments and were thrilled when he shared his talent and knowledge to our minor group. Giving back to the game will help our next generation of softball players,” said Maher who is the driving force behind the Softball NL Adopt-A-Team Program where Senior & Intermediate Men’s Teams will mentor various teams from ages 8-14 for the 2012 Softball Season.

         Sean Whitten & the N.D. Dobbin/Goulds Pee-Wee Boys Team









        Back Row (L-R)
Aiden Curran, Mike Dalton, Brandon Coady, Sean Whitten (Team Canada), Kassidy Chubbs, Liam Buckley, Shamus Sloane, and Lee Dalton.

Front Row (L-R)
Josh Morris, Mark Stack, Michael Clarke, Noah Dinn and Brandon Arbour.

Photo Credit: Sherry Maher