(Honoraria Based Position)

Softball Canada is pleased to extend an invitation to interested candidates to apply for the position of Head Coach of our Junior Men’s National Team (JMNT).

A job description for the Head Coach position JMNT follows. In addition to the traditional responsibilities the Head Coach will work in collaboration with the Manager – National Teams and the Men’s National Team Committee (MNTC) to design and implement a multifaceted high performance program.

The ideal candidate will be certified at Level 4 (or actively working towards it) under the National Coaching Certification Program or have equivalent experience/education. Ideally, she/he will have experience coaching and/or playing at the international level.

This position is financially supported by Sport Canada.

Deadline for application is March 18, 2013.

Applications should be sent to Softball Canada, 223 Colonnade Road, Suite 212, Ottawa, Ontario, K2E 7K3, fax 613-523-5761, or e-mail mbranchaud@softball.ca. Candidates that are short-listed will be subject to Softball Canada’s screening process.

The Men’s National Team Committee (MNTC) will select the successful applicant and forward their recom­mendation to the Board of Directors, Softball Canada for ratification.



The Head Coach of the JMNT, in consultation with the Men’s National Team Committee (MNTC), is responsible for team selection, preparation, training and evaluation of all athletes and assistant coaches. The Head Coach is ultimately responsible for all activities that take place on the field of play.


Athlete/Team Preparation

The Head Coach JMNT is responsible for the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of training and preparation for competition.

• Developing a preparation plan for the JMNT Program concluding with the International Softball Federation (ISF) World Championship in 2014

• Developing plans for team and individual athletes

• Organizes and directs the training and competitive activities of the JMNT

• Works with athletes and their club team coaches in preparation of training programs using any means avail­able that are within the resources of Softball Canada

• Establishes regular procedures to monitor the progress of athletes

• Maintains communication with the athletes

• Identifies and communicates clear objectives for competitions and training camps to all personnel

• Responsible to recommend Assistant Coaches to the MNTC for consideration

• Provides the best possible tactical and technical advice to athletes according to team objectives and strategy

 Program Planning

The development, implementation and analysis of National Team Programs consistent with the objectives estab­lished by the MNTC

• Co-ordinates with Assistant Coaches the identification, evaluation, and selection of athletes for the JMNT

• In consultation with Assistant Coaches and the MNTC, selects athletes to the JMNT as required for the World Championships

• Establishes program plans to achieve performance objectives established by the MNTC

• Designs and recommends to the MNTC an athlete identification, recruitment and selection system consistent with short and long term goals.

Team Management

The organization of appropriate competitive and training conditions and completion of all support activities re­quired for effective and efficient execution of the JMNT Program.

• Has direct supervisory responsibilities and evaluates Assistant Coaches on all projects

• Provides updates as requested to the MNTC

• Communicates expected team behavior and discipline within the policies and procedures of the National Team Handbook and Softball Canada

• Serves as the official Team spokesperson in terms of team play, individual performances and competitive expectations.

Softball Canada Management

Participation in the decision-making and management procedures of the Association

• The Head Coach JMNT reports directly to the Manager – National Teams

• Works in conjunction with the Head Coach of the SR Men’s National Team to ensure consistent program delivery

• Has ongoing communication with the MNTC

• Prepares year end reports on the JMNT Program as directed by the MNTC


The Head Coach JMNT is appointed until the conclusion of the ISF World Championship, subject to satisfac­tory annual review.

The annual review will be conducted by the MNTC.


The ideal candidate will have level 4 certification (or actively working towards it) under the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) or equivalent experience/education, and ideally will have considerable experience coaching and/or playing at a high-caliber international level.

Selection Process

The MNTC will select the Head Coach. The name of the Head Coach will be forwarded to the Board of Directors, Softball Canada for their approval.