2012 Molson Intermediate Men’s Fastpitch Provincial
July 13th to July 15th
Corner Brook, NL
Fred Basha Memorial Ball Park (Diamond A)

Participating Teams

Bay Roberts Coors Light (BRCL)
Transmission Experts Cardinals (TEC)
CBC Junior Canadians (CBC)
Lafontaine Club Molson (LCM)
North Shore (NS)
Whelan’s Gate (WG)

Division A: CBC Jr. Canadians, Transmission Experts Cardinals & Whelan’s Gate
Division B: Bay Roberts Coors Light, Lafontaine Club Molson & North Shore

Tournament Schedule

Friday, July 13th, 2012
Game 1 6:00pm North Shore vs. Lafontaine Club Molson
Game 2 8:00pm Transmission Experts Cardinals vs. Whelan’s Gate

Saturday, July 14th, 2012
Game 3 10:00am Bay Roberts Coors Light vs. North Shore
Game 4 12noon CBC Junior Canadians vs. Transmission Experts Cardinals
Game 5 2:00pm Lafontaine Club Molson vs. Bay Roberts Coors Light
Game 6 4:00pm Whelan’s Gate vs. CBC Junior Canadians
Game 7 6:00pm 3rd in Division B vs. 2nd in Division A
Game 8 8:00pm 3rd in Division A vs. 2nd in Division B

Sunday, July 15th, 2012
Game 9 10:00am Winner of Game 7 vs. 1st in Division B
Game 10 12noon Winner of Game 8 vs. 1st in Division A
Game 11 2:00pm Championship Game (Winner of Game 9 vs. Winner of Game 10)


A) Tournament Is A Two Division Single Round Robin With Each Team Playing 2-Games.

B) The 2nd and 3rd Place Team In Each Division Will Cross Over Against Each Other In A Quarter-Final Game, With The Winners Advancing To The Semi-Final Games Against The 1st Place Finishers In Both Divisions And The Two Winners Meeting In A Championship Game.

C) Suspended Game To Continue From Point Of Stoppage.

D) Tie-Breaker Rules:

1) Two Teams: Head to Head
2) More Than Two Teams: Best Plus/Minus (Runs For Plus Runs Against Divided By Runs For)

E) Team Shown On The Right Is The Home Team.

****Team With The Best Record Will Be Home Team In Championship Game. If 2 Teams Have The Same Record Entering The Championship Game, Home Team Will Be Determined By A Coin Toss