2012 Molson Senior Men’s Fastpitch Provincial

Dates: July 20 to July 22
Location: Dunville, NL
Ball Park: William P. Hogan Field

Participating Teams

3Cheers Pub Bud Light (3CPBL)
Bull & Finch Bar & Grill (BFBG)
Imagewear Custom Apparel (ICA)
Kelly’s Pub Molson Bulldogs (KPMB)
Kelly’s Pub Junior Canadians (KPJC)

Tournament Draw

1) 3Cheers Pub Bud Light
2) Kelly’s Pub Molson Bulldogs
3) Bull & Finch Bar & Grill
4) Kelly’s Pub Junior Canadians
5) Imagewear Custom Apparel

Tournament Schedule

Friday, July 20th, 2012
Game #1 6:00pm: Bull & Finch Bar & Grill vs. Kelly’s Pub Junior Canadians
Game #2 8:00pm: Kelly’s Pub Molson Bulldogs vs. Imagewear Custom Apparel

Saturday, July 21st, 2012
Game #3 10:00am: G1 Loser vs. G2 Loser
Game #4 12-Noon: 3Cheers Pub Bud Light vs. G1 Winner
Game #5 2:00pm: G3 Loser vs. G4 Loser
Game #6 4:00pm: G4 Winner vs. G2 Winner
Game #7 6:00pm: G5 Loser vs. G6 Loser (In Necessary)
Game #8 6:00pm or 8:00pm: G3 Winner vs. G5 Winner
Game #9 8:00pm or 9:00am Sunday: G7 Loser vs. G8 Loser (If Necessary)

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012
Game #10 9:00am or 11:00am: G6 Winner vs. G7 Winner
Game #11 11:00am or 1:00pm: G10 Loser vs. G9 Winner (If Necessary)
Game #12 1:00pm or 3:00pm: G10 Winner vs. G8 Winner
Game #13 3:00pm or 5:00pm: G12 Loser vs. G11 Winner (If Necessary)
Game #14 5:00pm or 7:00pm: G12 Winner vs. G13 Winner

Note: Home Team Will Be Determined By A Coin Toss.

****Games 7, 9, 11 & 13 Could Be If Necessary—Should 1 Team In Any Of These Games Already Been Eliminated The Game Is Not Played And The Other Team Moves On As The Game Winner. In The Above You Will See Two Times Listed For Certain Games, This Is To Accommodate The “If Necessary” Games.