36th Annual Constable William Moss Memorial FP Tournament

Dates: July 4-8, 2016
Registration Fee: $125.00 Per Team (Increase of $25.00)

The Constable William Moss Memorial Fastpitch Tournament is the first tournament of the year and it is for the purpose of getting ALL the kids in ALL associations a chance to play in a tournament!

No Defaults
If a team is short players and the team that you are playing has extra players give the team that is short players a couple of players so the game can be played.

If a team has an extra pitcher and the team you are playing doesn’t have a fastpitch pitcher than give the team you are playing a pitcher and make the game better and it also helps develop pitchers.

Enter 2 Teams If Possible
If your association has 20+ players registered in a certain age group than put in 2 teams and let the kids play in a tournament.

Ross Crocker (Moss Committee)