Premier’s Athletic Awards & Team Gushue Awards

The 16th Annual Premier’s Athletic Awards and the Team Gushue Awards were announced in a virtual ceremony on Tuesday, June 23, 2020.

128 of the Province’s top athletes were recognized for their performance in 2019.

The Premier’s Athletic Awards program recognizes athletic excellence and provides financial support to help offset the costs of training and competition. Successful applicants receive awards ranging from $500 to $1500, based on their accomplishments and their level of competition.

The Team Gushue Awards, in honour of Team Gushue’s Gold Medal win at the 2006 Winter Olympics, are presented annually to one male athlete and one female athlete, who excel in athletics and academics.

The recipients of this year’s Team Gushue Awards, Maggie Connors and Alex Newhook, have both distinguished themselves as exceptional hockey players while continuing their post-secondary education.

Maggie Connors is in her 2nd year at Princeton University and plays on the varsity hockey team. In 2019, Maggie finished 2nd on her team in points, was named to the Conference All-Rookie Team and was also a 2nd Team Conference All-Star. In August, Maggie competed for Team Canada in the U22 Summer Series vs. the United States.

Alex Newhook had a remarkable 2019, with many notable accomplishments. Internationally, he competed for Canada at the U18 World Championships. He was named Most Valuable Player in the British Columbia Hockey League and was a 1st Round Pick (16th Overall) in the National Hockey League Entry Draft by the Colorado Avalanche. In the fall of 2019, Alex started his varsity hockey career at Boston College.

Premier’s Athletic Awards and Team Gushue Awards Recipients…

Andrew Payne (Corner Brook)

Artistic Swimming
Mayah Knott (St. John’s)

Camryn Bonia (St. John’s)
Nicole Chann (St. John’s)
Eric Knight (St. John’s)
Evan Knight (St. John’s)

Jessica Willcott (St. Albans)

Ball Hockey
Kieran Burke (St. John’s)
Shae-Lynn Clarke (Bell Island)
Alex Doody (Conception Bay South)
Nicholas Gosse (Paradise)
Adria Green (Carbonear)
Brooke Lannon (Placentia)
Riley Mercer (Bay Roberts)
Drew Sheppard (Conception Bay South)
Alyson Thomas (L’Anse Au Chair)
Julia Thomas (Labrador City)

Madelyn Healey (St. John’s)
Jaida Lee (St. John’s)
Kayla Musseau (St. John’s)
Mitchell Noseworthy (St. John’s)
Chase Tucker (Mount Pearl)
Cole Tucker (Mount Pearl)

Abby Carpenter (Torbay)
Gracie Dalton (Cape Broyle)
Jacob Evoy (Massey Drive)
Geana George (St. John’s)
Matthew Pennell (St. John’s)
Caleb Sooley (Mount Pearl)
Cameron Stanford (St. John’s)
Carly Stevenson (St. John’s)
Mark Tobin (Mount Pearl)
Brett Warren (St. John’s)

Ethan Piercey (Gander)

Amy Harris (Paradise)
Brooke King (Paradise)
Evan Squires (Paradise)
Jack Walsh (Goulds)

Seamus O’Brien (St. John’s)

Cross Country Skiing
Jilian Coates (Clarneville)
Daley Merrigan (Corner Brook)
Noah Piercey (St. John’s)
Chloe Reid (Massey Drive)

Daniel Bruce (Corner Brook)
Sarah Chaytor (St. John’s)
Katie Follett (Paradise)
Nathan Young (Torbay)

Jacob Billard (Logy Bay)

Andrew Bruce (Corner Brook)
Taylor Cormier (Corner Brook)

Michael Drover (St. John’s)
Gleb Evstigneev (Paradise)
Sarah Pace (St. John’s)
Megan Skinner (St. John’s)

Rahul Asokan (St. John’s)
Alex Carew (St. John’s)
Michael Gaulton (St. John’s)
Austin Short (Outer Cove)
Nicholas Yetman (St. John’s)

Matthew Butler (St. John’s)
Maggie Connors (St. John’s) Team Gushue Award Recipient
Liam Marshall (Mount Pearl)
Abby Newhook (St. John’s)
Alex Newhook (St. John’s) Team Gushue Award Recipient
Desiree Snook (Paradise)

Emma Mullett (St. John’s)

Ryan Crocker (Torbay)
Alexander Hollett (Logy Bay)
Lucas Menard (Flatrock)
Emily Reglar (Flatrock)
Alex Ryan (Middle Cove)
Noah Ryan (Middle Cove)

Parasport – Athletics
Jeremy Jones (St. John’s)
Gavin Noble (Middle Arm)

Parasport – Boccia
Lois Martin (St. John’s)
Stephen Westcott (Conception Bay South)

Parasport – Swimming
Nathan Luscombe (Grand Falls – Windsor)

Alana Gale (St. John’s)
Alexander Kingsley (St. John’s)
Gabriella Mate (St. John’s)
Mark Power (Conception Bay South)

Michael McCarthy (St. John’s)
Madeline Pickard (St. John’s)
Sophie Pickard (St. John’s)
Tony Pomroy (Conception Bay South)

Livi Allen (St. John’s)

Savannah Burden (Steady Brook)
Sarah Burry (Middle Cove)
Mark Butt (Bloomfield)
Dayton Fifield (Torbay)
Abby Pace (St. John’s)
Katie Slaney (Paradise)
Rachael Tuff (Witless Bay)

Chantel Armstrong (Tors Cove)
Stacey Hanlon (Portugal Cove-St. Phillips)
Morgan Harris (Mount Pearl)
Kate Hickey (Outer Cove)
Erin McKinnon (St. John’s)
Lauren Rowe (Conception Bay South)
Zoe Rowe (Conception Bay South)
Owen Sheppard (St. John’s)
Nicole Torraville (St. John’s)
Sydney Walsh (St. John’s)

Jenna Connolly (Goulds)
Calista Corbett (Holyrood)
Jordan Pomeroy (Placentia)
Liam Shea (Dunville)

Sophia Tulk (Conception Bay South)

Megan Holden (Mount Pearl)
Dylan Morawski (Gander)
Abby Simms (St. John’s)
Aliceyn Warren (Paradise)

Table Tennis
Karlee Warren (Roberts Arm)
Sarah Warren (Roberts Arm)

Alexandra Green (Torbay)
Keegan Laundry (Conception Bay South)

Target Shooting
Kesley Power (Bay Bulls)

Aiden Drover-Mattinen (Portugal Cove-St. Phillips)
Liam Drover-Mattinen (Portugal Cove-St. Phillips)
Jasmine Rahman (St. John’s)
Declan Walsh (St. John’s)

Luke Dyer (Logy Bay)
Shae LeDevehat (Mount Pearl)

Sharah Dawe (Mount Pearl)
Margaret Henley (St. John’s)
Christopher Leroy (Corner Brook)
Catherine Smith (Mount Pearl)
Claire Whiffen (St. John’s)

Liam Abbott (Paradise)

Owen Warren (Chapel Arm)


Softball NL Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Congratulate All Of The Premier’s Athletic Awards Recipients And The Team Gushue Awards Recipients!