Press Release – Kevin Hynes – Central Director

Ross Crocker, President of Softball Newfoundland and Labrador (Softball NL) is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Hynes as Central Newfoundland and Labrador Director for Softball NL.

Kevin started his softball days in Bishop’s Falls and continued to be involved as a player, coach, and organizer for some twenty years in Newfoundland Labrador and Nova Scotia. Since moving back to Central NL last year, Kevin became involved with Minor softball and wants to help rejuvenate our sport in that area.

Softball NL is looking forward to working with Kevin in his endeavors to grow the game of Softball in Central NL and Province wide, as a part of the Board of Softball NL.

Kevin’s background includes eleven years in the Air Force of the Canadian Armed Forces as an Administrations Officer and he holds a Business and Commerce degree from the Royal Military College of Canada.

Kevin may be contacted at Softball NL through its website at or at 709-293-2728.

The Board of Softball NL wishes to advise that they are also seeking directors for the Western, Eastern, Avalon and Labrador areas of the Province.