Softball Canada Releases U12 Coaches Guide

Friday, March 18, 2011


Softball Canada Releases U12 Coaches Guide

(Ottawa, ON) Softball Canada is pleased to announce that it has released the first of a series of coaching guides. The U12 Coaches Guide: Tools for Coaching Success! has been created by Softball Canada to increase the knowledge of coaches and improve the development of players. Additional Coaches Guides for other age categories are currently being developed.

“Softball Canada is extremely proud of our new U12 Coaches Guide” stated Kevin Quinn, President of Softball Canada. “This is a fine example of what can be accomplished when Softball Canada and its Provincial and Territorial partners work together to improve our sport. A very deep and profound congratulations goes out to all who took a part in developing this exceptional coaching tool for our current and future coaches. This tool will also allow coaches to add their own drills as they further develop their coaching skills.”

The information in the U12 Coaches Guide: Tools for Coaching Success! is based on the Learning to Train Stage (L2T) of Softball Canada’s Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) model, ensuring it is both age and stage appropriate. The guide contains a season’s worth of practice plans divided into four training phases, with each phase having its own objectives and outcomes. This will assist softball coaches with the critical skill of developing and conducting sequential and well-organized practices. The practice plans are laid out in a manner that is very easy to follow and to work with. Each drill is described in detail, including a list of equipment that is required and a time limit to ensure that the practice is kept on track. Each guide is contained in a binder which allows the coach to remove the appropriate practice plan and bring it to the field with them.

Coaches can use the information in the ‘Key Teaching Points’ section of the guide to ensure that the players are not simply doing the drills, but are instead learning the skills and game. Each drill also contains a clearly illustrated diagram to allow for easy understanding of the drills. Beyond these valuable practice plans, the guide contains sections on practice planning, dynamic warm-up routines, cool-down routines, and key teaching points for each skill. This fantastic new resource means that age-appropriate practices and information are now at the fingertips of every softball coach in Canada.

Beginner coaches can simply follow the practice plans as they are laid out, and rest assured, the players and the team will improve the skills prioritized for their age category and LTPD stage over the course of the season. Experienced coaches can use these practice plans as a guideline and modify them to meet the individual needs of their players and team.

For more information on how to purchase the U12 Coaches Guide: Tools for Coaching Success!, please contact your local Provincial or Territorial Softball Association.


For more information, please contact:

Lise Jubinville
Manager – Long-Term Player Development and Coaching Services
Softball Canada
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