2012 Pepsi Softball NL Pee-Wee Boys (U14) Fastpitch Provincial
Note: This Tournament Was Also The Eastern Canadian Qualifier!
Dates: July 27th to July 29th
Location: Sgt. Ned Nugent Field
Participating Teams
Bay Roberts
Southern Shore
Waterford Valley
Division A
Southern Shore
Waterford Valley
Division B
Bay Roberts
Tournament Results
Day 1 Results: Friday, July 27th, 2012
Game #1: CBC 11 vs. Waterford Valley 13
Game #2: Placentia 10 vs. Goulds 3
Game #3: CBC 8 vs. Southern Shore 1
Game #4: Goulds 14 vs. Bay Roberts 7
Day 2 Results: Saturday, July 28th, 2012
Game #5: Foxtrap 6 vs. Waterford Valley 13
Game #6: Placentia 8 vs. Goulds 5
Game #7: Southern Shore 13 vs. Foxtrap 14
Game #8: Bay Roberts 7 vs. Placentia 10
Game #9: Southern Shore 3 vs. Waterford Valley 10
Game #10: Placentia 6 vs. Bay Roberts 8
Game #11: CBC 9 vs. Foxtrap 2
Day 3 Results: Sunday, July 29th, 2012
Game #12: Goulds 9 vs. Bay Roberts 8
1st Place in B Placentia vs. 2nd Place in A CBC
Game #13: Placentia 6 vs. CBC 5 (9-Innings)
1st Place in A Waterford Valley vs. 2nd Place in B Goulds
Game #14: Waterford Valley 7 vs. Goulds 6
Championship Game
Game #15: Waterford Valley 4 vs. Placentia 12
Members of the Championship Team:
Zachary Young, Jordan Roche, Brent Hatfield, Andrew Kelly, Justin Edison, Jordan Pomeroy, Michael Leonard Power, Michael Nash, Kolton Greene, Joel Nash, Brendan Haley, Ryan Hickey, Cody Power & James Culleton. Coaches Mark Nash and Bill Hatfield.
Placentia & Waterford Valley will Represent Newfoundland & Labrador at the 2012 Pee-Wee Boys Eastern Canadian Softball Championship from August 23rd to August 26th in Placentia, NL.