Sport NL Launches The Great Sport Chase

Online Lottery To Support Province’s Sporting Community

SportNL has launched its first-ever online lottery. The Great Sport Chase will offer twelve weeks of draws, jackpots and fun for all those who participate.

Tickets go on sale on May 2, 2018 with the first draw taking place on May 17, 2018. Draws will then happen each Thursday on the NTV News First Edition.

“It’s so important to support and encourage physical activity, wellness and sport in this province and we hope this lottery will increase our capacity to do just that,” said Troy Croft, Executive Director of SportNL. “We are really excited to launch this lottery and feel confident that our sporting community along with the people of NL will enjoy the experience and excitement of this twelve-week event.”

This lottery promises to be entertaining, with weekly draws on NTV and an ever-growing jackpot. A one-of-a-kind deck of 45 sport cards has been created, with each card in the deck representing one of the Provincial Sport Organizations, who are members of Sport NL. Four of these decks will be used for the weekly contest: one “home deck” and three “away decks”. Each week, participants can buy a ticket to join that week’s Sport Chase.

The basics of The Great Sport Chase:
• One ticket holder will be randomly selected (each week) to be the “Sport Chaser” for that draw, winning 10% of the weeks total sales.
• The four decks will be shuffled independently, and placed on the playing surface
• The Sport Marshall will then turn up the top card in the “home deck.” The sport revealed becomes the “home sport” for that week’s draw and will receive 5% of the week’s total sales. That is the sport we will be chasing that week.
• The Sport Marshall then turns over the top card in each of the three “away decks.” If one or more of the revealed “away cards” match the “home sport,” a set percentage of that week’s sales is paid to the “Sport Chaser.”

“With the ability to purchase tickets online and witness the weekly Sports Chase on NTV each week, this lottery is accessible to everyone and we really encourage people to get involved,” said Croft. “Proceeds will go to support amateur sport in the province and the final jackpot has the potential to be quite large. It’s a win-win!”