Tryout Information For The U16 Boys Development Team

The teams for the two inter squad games are listed below.‎

The games will be held at Parson’s Field in Seal Cove at 10:30am and 12:00pm, Saturday, July 18th.

Pitchers will switch teams between games.

One final game or practice will be announced after this weekend.

Loyola Power (Head Coach)

Team A
Brandon Coady
Alex Williams
Logan Power
Justin Butler
Gavin Coady
Joe Squires
Cody Power
Austin Drover
Eric Walbourne
Austin Dawe
Kristian Walsh
Nathan Tremblett

Team B
T. J. Schumann
Michael Clarke
Jared Bohlke
Jacob Gill
Joe Sweeney
A. J. Doyle
Tyler Hayward
Liam Costello
Christian White
Nash Tilley
Nathan Lake
Luke Strickland