Update: 2017 Molson Senior Men’s Fastpitch Provincial

The 2017 Molson Senior Men’s Fastpitch Provincial Will Resume On September 29 to October 1.

Statement From Softball NL

Hi Folks,

As a result of bad weather last weekend, the Men’s Provincials had to be rescheduled. We reached out to the Head Coaches, as well Bill Barron reached out for input. We received numerous emails and calls from many individuals.

Needless to say, there were varying responses and suggestions on how best to move forward. Responses were either strictly personal, a team agreement, support for Softball Canada programs and opportunity for Senior League players to participate at an elite level, desire to have it over and really don’t care just make the decision.

We all realize (at least we think so ) that the Men’s Provincials is the showcase event for Softball NL. Even though we may not be doing a great job to promote this event, we do intend to by working in liaison with you to change this in the coming months. As a result, we want to provide a competitive opportunity where the best play the best.

If the championship was to be rescheduled for this weekend the St John’s Senior League is missing players that have been provided the opportunity to participate for Softball Canada at an elite event. We can agree to either support them or pass it off but having players play for Softball Canada has definitely improved the game individually and collectively in NL. It has also increased the opportunity for sponsorship’s, profile for our province and we should not be penalizing any sponsor for a team opportunity.

Your fellow team players and competitors are getting the opportunity to showcase themselves at the Pan Am qualifier and as a Provincial organization and the local associations where these players grew from, there is not much better than that.

For the Provincial Organization to just pass it off and go ahead with a Provincial Championship and let it be, is not really in anyone’s best interest for our great game.

We understand that there are many reasons why a player or players may have to miss a game(s) for work, family etc. That case was well explained but to make a decision to penalize one of your teams in a Provincial championship because that team has athletes participating at an elite event sponsored by the National body is questionable!

We view the SNL commitment to the national body as a two-way street and supporting their efforts should be the norm.

We have thought about this very hard and have made the decision to go with the weekend of September 29th – October 1st. We have discussed this with Bill Barron of the senior league and as much as Bill would like to have this event completed, he is prepared to make certain that the provincials take place at the rescheduled dates.

There is a lot of ball left in this season and the rescheduled weekend has as much an opportunity for good weather as any other weekend. We expect that the senior and intermediate leagues may not conclude until sometime in October.

After the season is over, Softball NL would like to meet, as was said in a previous email, with the Senior league (Coaches and reps) to discuss the best time of the season to host the Provincials, to determine the Provincial team for nationals among other things.

Thank you for your emails, telephone calls and for your understanding!

Good luck in your remaining playoffs and the Provincials.

Dave Feener
Executive Director
Softball NL
1296A Kenmount Road, Paradise, NL
A1L 1N3
(709) 576-3418 (W) (709) 689-1491 (C)