2011 Eastern Canadian Bantam Boys Fastpitch Championship

August 25-28, 2011
St. John’s, NL

Day 4 Results: Sunday, August 28th, 2011 (All Games At Lions Park)

Playoff Game #1: 2nd Place vs. 1st Place

2nd: St. Leonard d’Aston Express 9 vs. 1st: ON1-Tavistock Athletics 10 (8-Innings)

ON1-Tavistock Athletics Pitching Stats:
WP: Dylan Taylor 8IP, 9R, 11H, 4BB, 9K

ON1-Tavistock Athletics Top Batters:
Tristan Hohl 2-4, 2R, Triple, BB, 2RBI
Travis Ramseyer 2-4, 2R, RBI

PQ-St. Leonard d’Aston Express Pitching Stats:
LP: Marc-Andre Villeneuve 7.1IP, 10R, 9H, 3BB, 2K

PQ-St. Leonard d’Aston Express Top Batters:
Marc-Andre Villeneuve 3-4, 2R, 2RBI
Alex Rene 3-4, 2R, 2SB, BB, 2RBI
Francois-Charles Rene 2-5, 2R, Double

Playoff Game 2: 4th Place vs. 3rd Place

4th: NL1-Newfoundland Selects 6 vs. 3rd: ON2-Kitchener-Waterloo Kolts 3

NL1-Newfoundland Selects Pitching Stats:
Isaac Davis Power (Starter) 2IP, 3R, 3H, 3BB, 1K
WP: Jordan Noftall (In Relief) 5IP, 0R, 1H, 2BB, 3K

NL1-Newfoundland Selects Top Batters:
Isaac Davis Power 2-4, 2R, Triple, SB, 3RBI
Brady Lewis 1-4, Double, RBI
Scott Greene 1-4, Triple, RBI

ON2-Kitchener-Waterloo Kolts Pitching Stats:
Stephen Malott (Starter) 2IP, 2R, 1H, 1BB, 5K
LP: Johnny Baker (In Relief) 5IP, 4R, 4H, 4BB, 6K

ON2-Kitchener-Waterloo Kolts Top Batters:
Stephen Malott 3-4, R, RBI

Playoff Game 3: Winner Playoff Game 2 vs. Loser Playoff Game 1

NL1-Newfoundland Selects 11 vs. PQ-St. Leonard d’Aston Express 5

NL1-Newfoundland Selects Pitching Stats:
WP: Jordan Noftall (Starter) 4.2IP, 4R, 9H, 5BB, 3K
Eric Healey (In Relief) 2.1IP, 1R, 2H, 0BB, 2K

NL1-Newfoundland Selects Top Batters:
Brady Lewis 3-5, 3R, 3RBI
Nick Pittman 2-4, R, 2RBI
Isaac Davis Power 2-4, R, Double
Riley Kenny 2-5, 3RBI
Ryan Kenny 1-3, 2R, Double, HBP, RBI

PQ-St. Leonard d’Aston Express Pitching Stats:
LP: Marc-Andre Villeneuve 7IP, 11R, 12H, 1BB, 4K

PQ-St. Leonard d’Aston Express Top Batters:
Alex Rene 3-4, R
Marc-Andre Villeneuve 2-4, R, RBI

Playoff Game 4: Winner Playoff Game 3 vs. Winner Playoff Game 1

NL1-Newfoundland Selects 8 vs. ON1-Tavistock Athletics 9 (8-Innings)

ON1-Tavistock Athletics Pitching Stats:
Jesse Deweerd (Starter) 4IP, 5R, 7H, 0BB, 1K
WP: Dylan Taylor (In Relief) 4IP, 3R, 5H, 2BB, 8K

ON1-Tavistock Athletics Top Batters:
Tristan Hohl 2-4, 2R, BB, 3RBI
Tyson Zehr 2-4, 3R, BB
Deven Kropf 2-5, 2R
Spencer Zehr 2-4, Triple, RBI

NL1-Newfoundland Selects Pitching Stats:
Eric Healey (Starter) 1/1IP, 5R, 5H, 1BB, 2K
Jordan Noftall (In Relief) 5.2IP, 3R, 5H, 0BB, 0K
LP: Isaac Davis Power (In Relief) 0.1IP, 1R, 2H, 1BB, 0K

NL1-Newfoundland Selects Top Batters:
Jordan Boland 3-3, 2R, BB, RBI
Brady Lewis 2-3, 2R, Triple, RBI
Isaac Davis Power 2-4, R, Triple
Nick Pittman 2-4, 3RBI

Members of the NL1-Newfoundland Selects (Silver Medalists)

Jordan Boland, Isaac Davis-Power, Scott Green, Adam Healey, Eric Healey, Riley Kenny, Ryan Kenny, Mike King, Brady Lewis, Jordan Noftall, Nick Pittman and Ryan Wall. Coaches: Don King and Paul Healey. Manager: Wendy Kenny.

2011 Tournament Award Winners:

Top Batter (Based On Round Robin)
Marc-Andre Villeneuve (PQ-St. Leonard d’Aston Express) 10-for-17 .588BA

Top Pitcher (Based On Round Robin)
Dylan Taylor (ON1-Tavistock Athletics) 2-0, 15.2IP, 1ER, 7H, 4BB, 29K, 0.46ERA

Most Valuable Player (Overall)
Dylan Talor (ON1-Tavistock Athletics)
Pitching Stats: 4-0, 27.2IP, 9ER, 23H, 10BB, 46K, 2.32ERA
Batting Stats: 9-24 .375BA, 5R, D, T, SAC, 9RBI

1st Team All-Stars
Pitcher: Marc-Andre Villeneuve (PQ-St. Leonard D’Aston Express)
Catcher: Deven Kropf (ON1-Tavistock Athletics)
1st Base: Chris Miller (NS1-East Hants Expos)
2nd Base: Tyson Zehr (ON1-Tavistock Athletics)
3rd Base: Brody Stevenson (ON2-Kitchener-Waterloo Kolts)
Shortstop: Riley Kenny (NL1-Newfoundland Selects)
Outfield: Shayne Gillis (NS1-East Hants Expos)
Outfield: Brendan Hall (ON2-Kitchener-Waterloo Kolts)
Outfield: Spencer Zehr (ON1-Tavistock Athletics)
Utility: Johnny Baker (ON2-Kitchener-Waterloo Kolts)

2nd Team All-Stars
Pitcher: Dylan Talor (ON1-Tavistock Athletics)
Catcher: Francois-Charles Rene (PQ-St. Leonard d’Aston Express)
Infield: Brandon Moriarity (NL2-William Moss Bantams)
Infield: Jake Hopewell (NS1-East Hants Expos)
Infield: Mike King (NL1-Newfoundland Selects)
Infield: Samuel Desmarais (PQ-St. Leonard d’Aston Express)
Outfield: Ryan Kenny (NL1-Newfoundland Selects)
Outfield: Alex McKay (ON2-Kitchener-Waterloo Kolts)
Outfield: Daniel Kenny (NS2-Mount Uniacke Mustangs)
Utility: Alex Anthony (NS1-East Hants Expos)

Final Tournament Standings

1. ON1-Tavistock Athletics 7-1 (Gold)
2. NL1-Newfoundland Selects 5-4 (Silver)
3. PQ-St. Leonard d’Aston Express 5-3 (Bronze)
4. ON2-Kitchener-Waterloo Kolts 5-2
5. NS1-East Hants Expos 2-4
6. NL2-William Moss Bantams 1-5
7. NS2-Mount Uniacke Mustangs 0-6